2CV Rebuild 12

The new chassis is now getting a little heavy on Jan’s Dad’s old wooden trestles.

The rear is now finished with its new brake pipework, grease, and a lick of paint.

The springs are on, but I’m having difficulty doing up the inner 26mm nuts, as it seems to me I need a very slim spanner (which I haven’t got)! The front suspension arms and steering are on, and it’s had a first lick of paint…2 coats to go.

I’ve got a nice new box of bits from ECAS parts (www.ecas2cvparts.co.uk)  including new front brake discs and pads,

so we’ll soon start to move the engine and gearbox over, but I’ll have to sort the Trestles first!

On the pictures note the new “R7″ type fuel hose we sell which has a very high ethanol resistance, and the shiny new stainless steel large clip, and new 1/4” bore copper fuel pipe from rear to the front. You can also see my 2 clips of professional Draper sockets….the type that presses on the flats not the corners so I’m not knackering up any of the nuts and bolts.

side view rear unit front unit on 1

2CV Rebuild 11

Firstly I had to clear some blocks left over from some building work I’ve been doing last year, and so used them to securely “block” up the the old chassis.

I decided that the brake pipes would have to be done, as it was silly not to replace these whilst the suspension was off the car, so I’ve bitten the bullet and so far have replaced the back section. To those of you who’ve done this, you’ll know it’s a long task and very fiddly. The main suspension has also been removed. This took ages also… The back tubes came off quite easily, but the rearmost nuts at the front end were terrible, but I worked out in the end it was not the nuts, but that the spring rams seize to the tube so what you need to do is use a lot of force with a bolster and hammer to free the nut from the rubber donut where they meet. The ever helpful Ken Hanner provided photo disc was used as reference here. I’ve tided up the spring tubes, now ready for painting….shall I do these Black or Silver?

2CV Van

You may remember from an earlier post that lurking around here there is a small green 2CV van – a wrinkly bonnet type equipped with a 425cc twin cylinder air-cooled engine – which is currently with Herefordshire 2CV guru Pete Sparrow being fettled. Well, investigation of the rest of the vehicle has commenced whilst the engine is away, and removal of a distinclty home-made floor plate has revealed the original floor – or rather a lack of one!!

Fref Flintstone's 2CV!!

Fref Flintstone’s 2CV!!

2CV Rebuild 10

Prep and Paint

At the weekend I started to clean off the rear suspension units using an angle grinder and wire brushes see http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=092.229 and http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=095.080

Then using Por15 I’ve cleaned prepped and painted the exhaust and started the rear units. Por15 paint wont come off the skin so I’ve used draper latex gloves, and my new tub of Rozalex hand cleaner,  which is so much better than washing up liquid!

Tiger tales 7……

These pages have been somewhat free of Tiger tales of late – mostly due to the shell being away with the painters and us leaving them to do their bit without being pestered!! However, it seems that the painting side of the job is reaching its end, aside from re-hanging the doors. This will be completed during the coming week, and the shell should be back with Hardy Hall at the end of the week to allow the reassembly process to start.

The finished shell awaiting final fitment of the doors

The finished shell awaiting final fitment of the doors

2CV Rebuild 9

Body off….Simon and Adam from work helped lift the body off the chassis on Friday evening, this is now outside, where it will remain ’till the end of March when it will go to Sparrow Automotive, http://www.sparrowautomotive.co.uk for a new floor to be welded in.

When I purchased the new chassis from Ken Hanner, he kindly sent a disk of photos giving step buy step details of how to rebuild the car, including showing all the necessary tools, some of which are quite special, in order to accomplish some of the jobs.

I have removed the rear suspension and exhaust system, cleaned and painted the exhaust pipe, cleaned and prepped the suspension unit. I’m considering whether I need to replace the break pipes as they seem good….I’ll ponder on that.