Why You Should Choose A Brantz Tripmeter

IMG_1900If you’re looking to kit out your classic rally car with a tripmeter in order to take competition to the next level, you can’t go wrong with Brantz.
The Brantz brand offers rallying equipment to anyone with an interest in classic rally cars – from enthusiastic novices to well oiled professionals. So no matter how many miles you’ve clocked up, there’s sure to be a product suitable for you.

Back in the sixties, serious rallying competitors utilised mechanical tripmeters to refine their navigation and gain a better speed record. Some rally regulations continue to allow only mechanical tripmeters and don’t permit tripmeters that display GPS or speed averages, however, many historic or retrospective rallies around the globe have recently approved the Brantz RetroTrip tripmeters, giving you more in the way of choice.

Retrotrip tripmeters feature electro-mechanical clicking digits and are calibrated to the car by operating switches on the unit. They are ordinarily used with an electrical sensor on the speedometer cable. Alternatively, you can use a wheel or propshaft sensor. The propshaft sensor consists of two magnets that are fitted to either side of the propshaft and can be easier to install than a dedicated wheel sensor due to the fact the design can accommodate larger clearances between rotating components.

Older cars with 6 volt electrics or doubtful 12 volt charging systems should also consider using the power conditioner. A power conditioner is designed to provide a stable voltage source so that it can function properly.

If you’re more interested in modern rallies, it’s recommended you use one of the Brantz International electronic tripmeters which rely on an electrical signal which is then processed electronically.

There are two main international tripmeters offered by Brantz.

For those of you who are road rallying or rallying at club level stage events, we recommend the Brantz International 1. This is a basic single readout tripmeter featuring a single red LED display and push wheel switches on the front.

For professional rally drivers we recommend the Brantz International 2. This offers all the same features as the international 1 tripmeter, but additionally has a second display showing intermediate distance as well as a remote reset button and a STEP knob on the front allowing adjustment to the Total distance.

If you’d like to measure average speed as well, The Brantz 2 ‘S’ Pro has all the features of International 1 and 2 but also the addition of a highly accurate speedometer which displays selectable or average speed. Bear in mind that rally regulations tend to not permit the use of average speed tracking via a tripmeter.

Now, for those of you that own multiple rally motors and wish to uninstall and reinstall the same tripmeter into more than one car, this process doesn’t need to be difficult. You can choose to use the plug and socket kit which is installed with the tripmeter allowing for straight forward removal once you’re finished.

Why not head over to our dedicated Brantz page and browse the latest products?

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Classic Car Clean

British weather in February is never brilliant, is it? Strong winds and relentless rain make it impossible to hold an umbrella up without it blowing inside out, while mud and sludge seem to get on just about everything.
While you’re busy keeping your home and family safe and warm during the cooler seasons, don’t forget to look after your classic car too!

Wind and rain can be a real headache for classic car owners unless you take proper precautions. Water exposure can lead to rust, which in turn means spending money on spare parts, while strong gales and winds can blow stones, rocks and other muddy objects into the paintwork.
That’s why, for this month only, we have a special offer available exclusively to you. Should you spend £75 or more on any Holden Vintage & Classic products, you’ll receive a free Autoglym Aqua Dry Synthetic Chamois Leather with your order.


The Autoglym Aqua Dry Synthetic Chamois Leather has a unique structure that allows it to perform a superior clean to natural chamois leathers. It’s absorbent, easy to use and less expensive than competing products. When paired with some of our other Autoglym cleaning products, you can be sure to achieve a superior look as well as long lasting protection against the elements.

Here’s a few examples of what else is on offer:

The Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo / Conditioner

If you regularly wash your car with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, you’ll not only effectively remove traffic film and dirt, but will also preserve the finish and appearance of your vehicle. This shampoo conditioner contains additional ingredients that create a glossy water-resistant barrier in order to protect and extend the effect of Autoglym polishes.

The Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner

Get rid of brake dust and dirt from chrome, polished aluminium and anodised wheels with the Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner. This product contains a special blend of biodegradable surfactants, solvents, and alkalis in order to create a balanced acid-free formulation which quickly and efficiently dissolves brake dust, corrosion and traffic film from even the most complex and intricate wheel designs.

The Autoglym High Definition Wax

There’s no better way of protecting your classic car from the elements than by applying the Autoglym High Definition Wax. It features the perfect combination of carnauba, microcrystallines, waxes and saturated hydrocarbons in order to give a high quality finish with long lasting durability.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish

If you’re looking for a universal polish that can be applied to any paint finish then the Autoglym Super Resin Polish is for you. Not only does it give your car a glossy shine, but protects against unfriendly environments and contains a cleaner that will lift harmful contaminants from the surface.

Outdoor Car Cover

If you keep your motor outdoors on a regular basis, it’s essential it has some form of cover to protect it from wind and rain. This outdoor cover is entirely waterproof and features four air vents to prevent excessive condensation. It comes in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.

The Autoglym Collection Valet Kit

If you fancy going all out, then why not treat yourself to the Autoglym Collection Valet Kit? It contains everything you need to keep your classic car in tip top shape all year round. This kit includes shampoo conditioner, super resin polish, screen wash, bumper care and much much more.

Remember, neglecting to protect your car during the cooler reasons will only cause you more problems in the future. If you invest in a good set of cleaning products, you’ll be sure to prevent damage and keep your car looking slick and clean.

Take a look at our cleaning collections here, and remember, if you spend £75 or more on ANY Holden Vintage & Classic Products throughout February, you’ll receive the Autoglym Aqua Dry Synthetic Chamois Leather for free by using the code chamois17 at the checkout.

123 Ignition

IMG_1884123Ignition are one of the most reputable brand names in the world of ignition systems for classic cars. With optimal respect for the originality of the classic vehicle, 123Ignition units are designed with reliability and durability in mind.

It was 10 years ago that 123Ignition first hit the classic car scene by replacing faulty electrics for a Citroen 2CV’s distributor. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength and upholds the highest standards that customers have come to expect.
This is why we stock a range of 123Ignition electronic distributors for your classic car requirements.

So what makes 123Ignition different?

In a nutshell, each 123Ignition distributor hides a lot of high-tech gear inside of it while retaining the appearance of an original distributor.
Many other systems of electronic ignition demand that the original mechanical centrifugal advance system remains intact. Even points- assisted systems use the original points operating cam which is vulnerable to wear and tear which results in the inconsistent running of the engine. Additionally, they all require a separate box for the corresponding electronics.
123ignition solves this problem by containing all the elements in one straight forward module inserted in place of the original points box. The points operating cam is taken out altogether as well as the advance weights and the 123ignition distributor is then bolted on.

The Advantages Of Using 123Ignition

There are a number of advantages in choosing 123Ignition distributors. These include:

• Straight forward installation
• No maintenance
• Superior fuel consumption
• Better emissions
• It’s impossible to burn out the ignition coil
• Improved starting
• A variable dwell angle to prevent overheating of the ignition coil
• Built in LED
• Value for money

What’s on offer?

We stock a variety of 123Ignition distributors. These include:

6 Cylinder Universal

This 123 Ignition Distributor can be used in place of most 6 cylinder Lucas distributors (6 or 12 volt). It can be wired for either positive or negative earth vehicles and can also be swapped for both clockwise and anti-clockwise distributors. With an impressive 16 advance-curves, you’ll be able to fine tune your engine using an easily accessible switch. It also offers spark balancing, automatic dwell and a convenient power cut off one second after engine stops.

4 Cylinder Universal

This 4 Cylinder Universal distributor can be used in place of 4 Cylinder Lucas distributors, (6 or 12 volt negative earth). As with the 6 Cylinder Universal, it has 16 advance curves that enable you to fine tune your engine by using a small switch, as well as an automatic dwell, spark balancing and power cut off just one second after the engine stops. Bear in mind this isn’t the ideal for Triumph owners that require a connection for a mechanical rev counter.

Mini Universal

If you’re looking for a distributor specifically designed to replace Lucas distributors on classic Mini engines then this is the one for you. Similar to the 4 and 6 Cylinder Universal, it has 16 advance curves that enable you to fine tune your engine by using a small switch, as well as an automatic dwell, spark balancing and power cut off just one second after the engine stops.

Rover V8 Post SD1

For vehicles with a negative earth only, this electronic distributor is designed to replace Lucas distributors on post SD1 Rover and Land Rover V8 engines. Due to its unique setup, you’ll need a shielded USB cable and a laptop with internet connection to connect the distributor.

Sprite and Midget Universal

For Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets, this distributor replaces Lucas distributors and also offers 16 different advance-curves so that you can fine tune your engine. As you’d expect from a 123Ignition distributor, it also offers spark balancing, automatic dwell and automatic power cut off after one second of the engine stopping.

Of course, we have many more 123Ignition distributors in stock. Head over to our dedicated page for more information.