Heritage, you just can’t fake it. Introducing the Belstaff collection

‘Zipping up my Belstaff Triumph brings me warmth – not only physically, but warmth in the knowledge that I’m protected if anything goes awry with my ride.’
Those are the words of 19-time motorcycle land-speed record holder and former Facebook executive Erin Sills. Having reached speeds of over 200mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, he knows all too well the importance of wearing the right clothing while out on the open road.

And that’s where Belstaff come in. Experts in providing top quality and incredibly safe clothing for those with an adventurous streak, Belstaff have spent the last century establishing themselves as firm fashion industry leaders. The likes of David Beckham, Kate Moss and Sir Ranulph Fiennes have have featured in their latest campaigns, and their iconic leather jacket has become every fashionista’s staple garment.

Like most authorities in their field, Belstaff have a long and rich history. Founded in 1924, the brand originally sought to produce waterproof clothing for motorcyclists. A little under two decades later, the Belstaff Black Prince Jacket was named the best selling waterproof jacket of all time – a true testament to the passion and innovation of its creators. By 1950, Belstaff were catering for men and women of all backgrounds – not just sportsmen, and in 1963 the legendary Steve McQueen showed off a Belstaff outfit during his famous motorcycle jump over barbed wire in The Great Escape!
Belstaff now trade in over 30 countries and are showing no sign of slowing. But what is it that make their clothing so special?

The secret to their popularity could lie in their wax cotton materials which are simultaneously waterproof and breathable. The innovative ‘reacta’ material embedded into many of their garments stabilises body temperature, while the patented ‘Belfresh’ material eliminates perspiration. The result? Comfortable, lightweight clothing that’s ideal for active people.

So what do we have to offer you?

The good news is, at Holden Vintage & Classic we supply a wide range of Belstaff products for both men and women. Here’s some examples!

The Belstaff Crosby Men’s Waxed Jacket


Belstaff Neck Warmer

Belstaff X Man Racing Blouson


Endurance Boots

Keppel Gate Waxed Jacket

For the full range please visit our dedicated Belstaff page.

This Week In The WorkShop

Inspection of the sad looking 1969 4/4 has now been completed. This car has been involved in a fire within its garage which has burnt the driver’s side front quarter, badly enough to take out things such as brake lines, wiring etc, and melt the aluminium front wing. We have prepared a list of parts required for the owner to get it back on the road, which I’m sure will be quite an extensive task!

Following on from our successful Dealer Open Day, the aforementioned Dove Grey +4 has found a new owner, and has been prepared for collection, with number plates fitted, any minor specs of dirt removed and finally a luggage rack fitted.

At the same time, our own Ivory 4/4 hire car has been registered and number plates fitted to that one too.

Meanwhile a 1996 +8 has arrived to have a new Librands stainless steel exhaust system fitted, which is a job for next week.
We also had to take all the website photos of a 1960 TR engined +4, a car wee have on sale on behalf of its owner, and one that is a delight to drive, and with a few minor jobs sorting out will be a lovely car to own.

Small component wise, we have managed to satisfy HVC’s appetite for RF95 control boxes, plus several other small items that we build in order to fulfill customer orders.

Finally, we had a most interesting meeting with Suspension Supplies to look at their Morgan suspension improvement package, which is something that we as a Dealer, can fit to your car in our Workshop. Keep an eye on the website for more details on the SSL products.


Winter Driving In Your Classic Car

A couple of weeks ago, we talked to you about storing your classic car throughout the winter and the importance of doing so.
But many of you will, perhaps just occasionally, still want to drive your vehicle in the frostier months. The problem is, winter winds, damp air and salt-coated icy roads aren’t the kindest of environments and the last thing you need is a hefty servicing bill in the spring. Here’s a list of essential products we recommend you stock up on before temperatures plummet:

The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym

A thorough ice-removal is recommended before and after a frosty drive. Ice is a threat to every aspect of your classic vehicle, from the engine transmission to the steering system. The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym features a powerful de-icer, a screen wash, ice scraper and de misting microfibre cloth for windows. At only £16.73 it’s a bargain, especially when compared to the cost of repairing damages caused by melted ice.

Outdoor Car Cover

If you don’t own a garage, then it’s critical you own a robust, effective outdoor car cover that will protect your pride and joy from the elements in between drives. This particular brand features 4 air vents to allow proper circulation, as well as two under-car security straps so that it won’t blow away during a mild British hurricane.

Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol

Where there’s water, there’s the risk of rust. And that’s never, ever welcome! Rust reeks havoc on your classic car’s body, electrical systems, engine and undercarriage. If unaddressed, your classic vehicle will eventually cease to be safe (or possible) to drive. Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol is a weather resistant spray that solves the problem of ‘hidden rust’. It draws moisture out of the vehicle, and seals the vulnerable areas to prevent against the reintroduction of water.

Castrol Classic Engine Oil

Using the correct engine oil is critical in maintaining a healthy engine, and modern oils can be particularly corrosive and problematic in older cars. During the winter, the use of Castrol Classic Engine Oil prevents the production of ‘cold weather oil sludge’, guaranteeing a smoother drive and happier vehicle. Change your oil before the cooler seasons, and again in spring time for the best result.

Classic Vehicle Safety Kit

According to the RAC, the majority of breakdowns happen during the winter. Imagine sudden engine failure on a low visibility Sunday afternoon in the middle of a freezing cold country road! It’s sensible to carry with you a classic vehicle safety kit to make yourself known to other drivers, and to tend to any other emergency issues you’ve encountered during the incident. This kit offers all the essentials, including a first aid box, tow sign, high resolution jacket and fire extinguisher, and will fit neatly into your boot or passenger seat.

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This Week In The Workshop

As ever, a week in the Holden Morgan Workshop is both busy and pleasingly diverse.

We started the week with a brand new +4 to do a pre delivery Inspection on. See the Car Sales pages of our website to view the Dove Grey +4. This is something we, as a main dealer, do with every new car that we receive from the factory, to ensure that all the nits and bolts are done up correctly and that everything about the car is as it should be. Here at Holden Morgan we give the same treatment to a used Morgan that passes through our hands as the new cars, on giving it a thorough inspection before it goes on sale.

The components side of the workshop has also been busy completing a batch of 10 RF95 Control boxes for Holden Vintage & Classic, and also assembling 60 of the Lucas L548 lamps. This particular lamp is a product that is unique to Holden, in that all of the component parts are manufactured specifically for the company, using, in some cases, the original Lucas factory tooling, combined with a little modern computrickery in the form of a CNC machine to produce the lamp bases.

On top of this, a small cleaning job on Jeremy’s vintage Vauxhall in advance of the VSCC Welsh Trial turned into proper pre event preparation, and to end the week, the brakes for the Jaguar 240 returned from having been completely rebuilt, and a kind customer dropped off a rather sad looking 1969 4/4 for inspection. More this next week!

Thanks For Coming To The Holden Morgan Dealer Open Day

We’d like to thank everyone that came along to the Holden Morgan Dealer Open Day on 14th October. It was a superb event that attracted huge crowds of Morgan enthusiasts – some local and others who had travelled from much further afield.

Three fantastic Morgan cars were sold on the day, including two Plus 4s and a Roadster. The lucky new owners will be enjoying a luxury stay at an Italian villa next year, as well as a number of other special extras that were complimentary with their purchase. There were also three raffle winners who between them won a signed Morgan book, bottle of Belvevine whiskey and a Morgan factory tour with afternoon cream teas. If you entered the raffle on the day but haven’t heard from us, don’t be disappointed, we haven’t informed two of the winners yet so it could still be you!

The open day also consisted of an up close look at our ongoing Morgan restoration project, a browse around the remarkable new Holden Morgan showroom and, of course, ample amounts of our Holden branded beer.

Katie Turner, General Manager of Holden Morgan said, “The Holden Morgan Dealer Open Day was a huge success and I’d like to thank the teams at both Holden Morgan and Morgan Motors for their efforts in making it happen. It was a pleasure to speak to so many visitors throughout the day and I’m thrilled that several people have now become the proud owners of Morgan cars. We will be hosting more events like this one in the future, and will keep you posted with our latest news and events, including updates on some fantastic new cars we have coming in shortly.”

Prepare Your Classic Car For Winter Storage

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to fall, there’s a slight chill in the air and for the first time in months you’re considering putting the heating on.
For those of you who only like to drive your classic vehicle in the sunshine, now is the time to think about tucking it away for the winter. And there’s a number of steps you’ll need to take to ensure your car is kept safe and dry, and in tip-top condition between now and spring.

Give It A Clean

Let’s start with the basics. Water stains, tree sap or bird droppings left for weeks or months on your classic vehicle can cause damage to the exterior. That’s why it’s critical that you take the time to shampoo your car before storing it. Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner is sufficient for this job, and if you require additional peace of mind, you could finish it with an extra protection gloss or wax. Removing dirt from the underbody is important too. Remember, dirt holds moisture which in turn can cause rust – a true enemy of any classic car. Finally, give the interior a good overhaul using an Autoglym interior cleaner and use a hand held hoover suck up any crumbs. Critters find ways of sneaking into stored cars in search for leftover food, which won’t be a welcome surprise once you’re ready to drive again. Skipping these steps will only put you at risk of needing restoration in a few months time, so make sure it’s prioritised!

Change The Oil

If you’re storing your vehicle for more than a week or two, it’s a good idea to change the oil beforehand. This prevents any contaminants in existing oil from causing corrosion, and will give you peace of mind that once spring arrives, your car will be good to go! Castrol provide a number of excellent classic engine oils that ensure your motor is protected from oxidisation and corrosion whether it’s running or resting in your garage.

Avoid Flat Spots

So often, classic car owners forget to see to their tyres before storing a car for winter. But this is a mistake because tyres left unused are prone to developing flat spots. Flat spots occur when a car has been left stationary and are particularly prone to occurring in cold temperatures. While most flat spots resolve themselves after a few minutes driving, sometimes they can become a permanent feature on the tyre rendering it unusable. To prevent this, we recommend you use a tyre trainer which not only helps to prevent flat spots but reduces the potential for cracks too.

Keep It Covered

Whether you’re storing your classic vehicle inside a garage or out on the driveway, you need to keep it covered. A lightweight and breathable cover will protect your car from the elements, as well as bird droppings, tree sap and knocks. What makes the covers available at Holden Vintage & Classic particularly effective is that they can be placed on a wet or dry car, and still allows water to evaporate. For a car stored indoors, you can purchase a semi fitted cover or cair-o-port indoor storage solution to protect it from dust, scratches and corrosive damage.

If you’d like to talk to one of the team about further ways you can protect your car whilst it’s in storage, or discuss the best products for your vehicle, you can call us on 01885 488 488.

October Classic Motoring Events


It may be a little brisk out there, but there’s still just enough sunshine left to enjoy a number of exhilarating classic car events throughout October.

Here’s our picks:

7-Oct-17 Jaguar Track Day Castle Combe

Join hundreds of car clubs and thousands of enthusiasts at Castle Combe for a must-see Autumn track day event. Dress in period clothing and get up close to the track while enjoying refreshments and entertainment throughout the day. New this year is the GT and Sports Car Cup for pre-1966 GT and pre 1963 Sports cars. Some spectacular 500cc Formula 3 cars return once more, as well as a huge grid of 1950s sports cars for the Fiscar Inter-marque race. Not sure what to wear? Our motoring clothing sale is on NOW.

7-Oct-17 Loch Ness Classic Car Tour Scotland

New to the event calendar, the Loch Ness Classic Tour is a non competitive event designed to raise money for some excellent charities. With beautiful views, any classic car owner will be pleased to take part in this 150 mile tour. There will even be some time for monster spotting and refreshment halts along the way. There’s no entry fee, but sponsorship is required. Click here for more info.

8-Oct-17 Autumn Motorsport Festival Brooklands

Spectacular competition cars from Formula 1, F5000 and GTs, to touring cars and Group B rally cars are once again taking to the Mercedes-Benz World circuit for October. Spectators will enjoy an up close view, and can even take part in autotest demonstrations. Tickets from £11.

8-Oct-17 Malvern Festival of Transport

Come to the Three Counties Showground between 10am and 3pm for a celebration of all things motoring. Browse a huge autojumble and incredible vehicle displays, and enjoy a wealth of entertainment suitable for the whole family. This year a mini and commercial vehicle feature. Tickets are only £9 for an adult.

15-Oct-17 Amberley Classic Land Rover Day

Set in South Downs National Park, this glorious motoring event will see a spread of Land Rovers from across the series. Enjoy cream teas and gorgeous surroundings while meeting likeminded Land Rover owners from all over the country. Tickets start at £11.50.

21 to 22-Oct-17 HSCC Silverstone Finals

The Silverstone Finals is a 2 day classic motoring event celebrating historic road sports, 70s road sports, historic touring cars, historic formula Ford and much much more. Join thousands of others at the iconic Silverstone track for an incredible motoring experience sure to thrill any classic and vintage enthusiast.

22-Oct-17 Malvern Classic Motorcycle Show and Autojumble

Come along to an extraordinary motorcycle show and autojumble located in the recently refurbished Wye Halls. You’ll be able to view a selection of classic bikes while browsing hundreds of trade stalls and an exciting autojumble. There will be a judging arena for the concours competition and a number of eateries for when you get peckish. Tickets £7.

22-Oct-17 Newark Autojumble

Treat yourself to some new parts for your next restoration project at the Newark Autojumble! Located at the Newark Showground, hundreds of stalls are due to be set up at this bustling event. There will also be a classic car and bike display area so that you can get your full dose of classic motoring before the day is finished. From £7.

Not sure what to wear to these events? We have a clothing sale on NOW! Click here to find the right motoring outfit for you.