2CV Rebuild 23

2cv project jan2015 002

From this, a matt-coloured and not quite 100% sound, but nonetheless running and driving 2CV, Julian has transformed his Ebay sourced French Classic into a shining example of what can be achieved in the home workshop, with dedication, time and a little effort, plus a small amount of specialist intervention to weld floors, apply a new coat of paint and help to trim the seats, to finish up with this.

August 2016 003


2CV Rebuild 22

February seems a long tome ago, and I have being doing stuff, in fact it’s nearly finished. Russel , Pam’s son from work has completed the spray job. Very shiny!!!

And the correct original colour. The wiring is almost done, I’ve still to add the heated rear window see 080.109. Most of the interior trim is finished, Martin Greaves from Greaves of Bromyard has helped with fitting the new seat covers, and what a difference a pro. makes…. Membrane first, foam, Dacron then covers…. all beautiful 2cv seats 001

2cv seats 004

Trimming the seats in the workshop

August 2016 003

Parked in the drive

August 2016 004

Rear view

August 2016 008

Down into the interior showing off the seats

August 2016 007


August 2016 011

August 2016 010

Engine bay 1 & 2

August 2016 013

With the bonnet up

Thing still to do include getting the ride height correct, fitting the dash cover, fitting the rear parcel shelf to the rear seats, the floor lighting, rear screen heater, and annoyingly I need a new windscreen as I split the old one after fitting into the new rubber surround when jacking up the car, it must have been too tight and wouldn’t allow for any flexing.


2CV Rebuild 21

The white plastic brake rod bulkhead fitting

Feb 10 2016 001

First wiring diagram…this is all new toggle switches on the dash with additional functions Feb 10 2016 015

The re wrapped original rear wiring loom…note where it has to go down a very narrow channel by the front screen. Getting it down there took a few attempts! Feb 10 2016 012


Rear loom where it pokes through the bulkhead

Feb 10 2016 011

Inside bottom of passenger’s door with the old trim grip removed

Feb 10 2016 010

Here I’ve just placed the repair section on the door

Feb 10 2016 009

Boot lid and air vent flaps

Feb 10 2016 008

Reinstalled master cylinder with new pipework. Note also the lovely new cast exhaust clamps

Feb 10 2016 007

Buzz bar type fuse boxes note the LED light glow when a fuse has blown or is missing! See http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=080.964

Feb 10 2016 006

New rubber grommet on the gear change linkage.

Feb 10 2016 005

Chrome 5 3/4 light see http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=010.259

Lights – Front view one wired up the other to do. Note also the temporary starter switch on the battery.

Feb 10 2016 002 Feb 10 2016 003

2CV Rebuild 20

The Body is now fully fixed to the chassis. Pedals are back in and connected up and working, I bled the brakes through without a hitch….much to my relief, as all new pipework has been installed.


The car now needs to be rewired, I’ve kept the rear loom as that was all OK, and the wires in the front cross bar that supports the headlamps. I can’t continue with this job as I need the new dashboard to be sprayed prior to installing all the new toggle switches and extra instruments. A temporary circuit has been made to try the engine after 12 months inactivity, and the engine started first go!!!


Gear Lever linkage has had new rubber bushes, the hand brake a new plastic bulkhead connecting fitting (this was a sod to do and I destroyed the first on and had to reorder from ECAS)

I’ve cleaned all the doors and exposed the rot that needs to be fixed by Russell, also on one of the front doors the rubber trim grip was rotten, so I’ve ordered a repair section and cut the old one off. I used our Bilt-Hamber rust removal system to clean, and I was very impressed with the result.

Door Top Door Bottom The rear door rubbers are OK but one of the front door rubbers needs replacing. The doors, rear wings, door hinges, front triangular panels, and dashboard will go to Russell for spraying on Monday.

I’m using our 5 3/4″ chrome freestanding lights as I don’t like the plastic Citroen ones, steel ones would have been used if available as my light units are new and have the advantage of dipping to the left or right by the simple bulb position adjustment, and of course I intend to take the car to France……I wonder if it will be its first time (mine is a Portuguese made car)?

2CV Rebuild 19

Last night Adam and Simon helped take the body off the wooden support horses
and put it back on the chassis. I had, the previous night, prepped all the chassis with the foam rubber and J-shaped clip on threaded nut clip things that Citroen use to fix down.

This is a really good idea… The chassis holes allow about a 5mm wiggle room, so clean up the old bolts, a bit of grease and screw all in a few turns. The rear 2 bolts needed longer nuts and proper bolts as this end was sitting up a little…well maybe 25mm on the driver’s side. I used some of our spread washers 097.210 (see http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=097.210)  inside the car.

This all worked a treat and now 18 bolts later it’s nearly fully attached. I just have the larger 4 bolts which are at the widest point and are contained down in the cross members of the chassis and reinforcing box section of the new floor. This is the next job, and it all lines up so will be easy, but I wanted to use some new bolts, large spread washers 097.212 (http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=097.212) new spring washers 097.424 (http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=097.424), all of which were raided from the Holden “Fixings dept.”

Jan 20 2016 001 Jan 20 2016 002 Jan 20 2016 003

The body shell is now securely bolted down to the chassis, with new sealing foam between the chassis and the floor panel.

Jan 20 2016 007

Fixings washers from HVC, the oval spreader washers being MGA parts, but are perfect for this job!!

Well it feels like it’s really coming along and I’m getting somewhere!!!

2CV Rebuild 17

June – since my last blog seems a long time ago! Well here’s the excuses:- Firstly

I Had to finish off a hall way and lay the flooring and do the skirtings etc, then there was my fence project…. We live close to the main road through Bromyard and between us and it was a 6 foot open fence (posts with planking on alternate sides) then a 15 foot bank down to the road with mature trees (birch, holly, ash and beach).

Jan 20 2016 114 Jan 20 2016 116 Jan 20 2016 115


The road is noisy so to make a sound barrier I took all the cross timbers off the old fence and reattached all on the one side. This gave a solid fence just short of 6 foot. I then added on the outside a new taller vertical feather boarded fence. If you’ve done this you know it takes some time… New 2 foot deep notched posts 8 foot tall 8″x5″ arris rails kick boards etc, together with extra cross support rails to hold the boards tight….. Now quieter!

Then there was a holiday to Cornwall, 3 classic car show weekends and just minor tinkering. I’ve pre-prepped all the body work cleaned off all the old stuck-on soundproofing and filled a bit to smooth over the new rear inner wheel arch welding in preparation for Russell at Hennessy Motorsport to do the respray. http://www.hennessymotorsport.co.uk/

Going to Russell’s

Jan 20 2016 080 Jan 20 2016 079

Body being prepped

Jan 20 2016 103 Jan 20 2016 092 Jan 20 2016 088

Finished job in the spray booth

Jan 20 2016 104


Adam helping with return transport

Jan 20 2016 106 Jan 20 2016 108


Just put back on the chassis for now outside the garage

Jan 20 2016 113 Jan 20 2016 110

2CV Rebuild 16

Work is now progressing at a blistering pace – to the extent that the floors and front repair panel are now in place, the A post repair has been done, and the rear seatbelt mountings have been repaired. Now everything is fitted together and aligned, final welding and finishing can be attended to.


2CV Rebuild 15

Work has now started at Andy Price’s workshop on the body shell, currently the floor is removed, and the bodged up front is being sorted out, in preparation to weld in new panels. Note the fantastic jig holding the car in mid air giving full access to all areas that need sorting!

2CV Rebuild 14

Now we are waiting for the repaired body to come back, so anything outstanding on the rolling chassis has now been attended to.

The carburettor has been drilled and tapped for the 123 ignition unit’s vacuum sensor, I’ve got a fitting for the oil temperature gauge to install and a pressure pick-up under the oil filter. These are to feed to additional instruments which are going to be installed The new dash panel is starting to come together, with the shape cut out and switch / instrument positions drawn on. Before proceeding too much further, this needs to be trial fitted into the body.

may15 002

New versus original. The replacement dash will utilise toggle switches and a more comprehensive range of instruments.

may15 004

Rolling chassis with all the mechanical components, engine electrics and bumpers installed

may15 005 may15 006