Christmas Gift Ideas For The Classic Motorist

With Christmas around the corner, you might be wondering which classic car gifts you’d like to receive. Alternatively, you might have a friend or family member who could use new tools, driving clothes or garage gear – in which case, we have exactly what you’re looking for!

Here are our suggestions for your 2018 Christmas list!

Introducing Loake Driving Shoes

New to Holden Vintage & Classic! Sophisticated, smart and incredibly practical, the Loake Driving Shoe for men is full of character with driver-enhancing properties. Made from real leather with a full interior leather lining, this convenient driving shoe features nodules on the bottom of the sole for excellent grip and control. So, whether you’re going on a short drive around the block or travelling for many hours, you can rely on the Loake Driving Shoe for optimal comfort and safety on your journey. At Holden Vintage & Classic, we are proud to stock Loake Driving Shoes in multiple sizes and colours!

Don’t forget, if you’re going to sport a pair of leather driving shoes, it makes sense to match them with a smart pair of driving gloves too! Find your perfect driving glove by clicking here.

Freshen Up Your Tool Kit

Electric Drill Reversable 230 volt 1050 watt

Tired of your rusty spanners and temperamental drill? Treat yourself or your loved ones to some fresh new tools to help restore and maintain your classic car. At Holden Vintage & Classic, you can purchase tool kits, problem solving tools, metal working tools and much much more. Click here to be redirected to our website to view the full range.

Enhance Your Garage

Car Lift - E-Z - Mobile for Home and Professional Use

Have you begun to bore of your dull, dreary workspace? If you have a restoration lined up for the new year, you might want to give your home garage a do-over to create the best quality working environment. We offer a range of signs and posters to decorate your garage walls, as well as an innovative and convenient EZCarLift to support and manoeuvre your vehicle with ease as you work.

Discounted Belstaff Jackets

Belstaff Hairpin Waxed Jacket - Ladies - Black

A high quality leather jacket can make all the difference to either top-down driving or motorcycle riding. And we don’t believe you can do any better than Belstaff. Dedicated to creating smart, innovative clothing for men and women, Belstaff are a brand we are proud to offer. And what’s more, we currently have a sale on across Belstaff jackets! Click here to view our range.

Ladies Driving Gear

Alpaca Fur Halo - Dark Brown

During the cooler seasons, you may want to consider a stylish, warm and supportive hat for top-down driving and winter classic motoring events! We’re pleased to offer you a gorgeous range of Alpaca hats for women in a variety of colours and styles. Many of these hats looks fantastic alongside a pair of ladies driving gloves, our full range of which you can find by clicking here.

Suixtil Clothing

Suixtil Nassau Polo - Navy Blue

Will you be attending any classic motoring events in 2019? If so, we recommend you check out our range of Suixtil motoring clothing! Suitable for both men and women, this stunning clothing range is made from high quality materials and is designed to be worn all-year-round.

Got something else in mind? Feel free to get in touch! We often have stock not listed on our website, so, if there’s a part or accessory you are keen to find, send us an email on

Ride Safe and Snug This Winter

Road safety should always be the greatest concern of any motorcyclist. But in Winter, there are additional weather-related threats that can hinder even the most experienced rider. It is crucial, therefore, that you prepare your body and your bike for winter riding in a slightly more cautious way. Here are our tips:

Be prepared for the roads

To ride safely in Winter, ensure you are prepared in advance of travel for the unpredictable and challenging roads. Ice, gravel, salt and snow can create difficult environments for even the most seasoned riders, so caution is advised. Plan your journey before leaving home, ensuring you have plenty of opportunities for stopping and resting should you become too cold or if conditions suddenly worsen. Check your bike’s lights are working properly and that the tyres are pumped. Also ensure your chain is lubricated and oil topped up. The last thing you want is to break down in icy conditions, so these checks are vital to help guarantee your safe journey and return home. When beginning your journey, practise braking a few times before entering a main road and, of course, always take a charged mobile phone.

Wear the right gear

One of the most significant dangers to bikers during Winter is the cold weather’s impact on your body and concentration. Being able to safely hold the bike up and make quick decisions is imperative and being freezing cold will hinder these processes. Therefore, you need appropriate winter riding gear. Winter riding clothing can feel very different on your body to lighter summer apparel, so it’s advisable to take a test ride before commencing any long journeys. We recommend a strong and sturdy Belstaff jacket, warm riding gloves, a neck warmer, goggles, warm socks and appropriate riding boots. We currently have a sale across our Belstaff jacket range, details of which you can find here. Of course, you also need to own a safe, reliable and warm helmet. You can view our range of riding helmets by clicking here.

Stay alert

The winter months post two significant risks to the alertness of the rider. Firstly, dehydration is subtler because we do not feel as thirsty in the cold as we do in the heat and therefore may overlook the need for regular hydration. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and confusion, compromising all-round safety. Secondly, Christmas and New Year’s Eve sees many more alcohol-related driving accidents and fatalities, meaning you have to be extra cautious of other drivers’ behaviour. It goes without saying, of course, that you should leave your bike at home if you’re thinking of drinking alcohol at a Christmas event. Tiredness will also impact your alertness so make sure you get enough sleep and never, ever ride after a big night out!

Prepare your classic car for the winter

Any classic car enthusiast knows that Winter is not the ideal time to take your much-loved vehicle out for a spin. The elements at this time of year can be harsh, and all that extra salt, mud and water on the roads is bound to cause any unprepared driver a host of expensive problems. If you need to drive your vehicle during the cooler season, it is important that you give it all the care and maintenance required to ensure you can do so with minimal issues. If, on the other hand, you want to store your car for the winter, we have a blog post giving you the best information on doing this properly.

Here are our tips for maintaining a running classic vehicle at this time of year:

Keep it clean

Before and during the winter months, it is imperative that you give your classic car a thorough clean, both internally and externally. As the weather begins to chill, your car is more susceptible to the threat of ice build-up, which affects every aspect of your classic vehicle including the engine, braking system and steering wheel. The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym comes in handy for this job, as it features a powerful de-icer, a screen wash, ice scraper and de-misting microfiber cloth for windows. At only £16.73 it’s a bargain, especially when compared to the cost of repairing rust damage caused by melted ice.

Address any rust

As the rain sets in, there’s an increased risk of rust build-up within your classic car. And that’s never, ever welcome! Rust can destroy your car’s body, electrical systems, engine and undercarriage. If left, your classic vehicle will eventually cease to be safe (or possible) to drive. Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol is a weather resistant spray that solves the problem of ‘hidden rust’. It draws moisture out of the vehicle and seals the vulnerable areas to prevent against the reintroduction of water.

Fit Winter tyres

Consider fitting winter tyres to take on the wet roads with ease. Winter tyres are made from a softer compound and have a different tread pattern to standard tyres, helping them to move through snow and similar harsh conditions without losing grip. We also recommend you get yourself a tyre trainer to avoid flat spots and extend tyre life.

Give the battery some attention

Inactivity, or less activity than normal, can kill a battery – as can extreme cold! As the Winter begins to set in, find some time to disconnect both the positive and negative battery terminals, clean and grease them, then check the battery and top up levels as necessary. Then connect a battery conditioner, making sure that there is no chance of the wires getting trapped as you close the bonnet.

Prepare for the unexpected

Winter is unpredictable. If you get caught out in the snow, you need to be prepared. We recommend you keep in your boot a triangle warning light, emergency puncture repair and a snow chain.

Book a servicing

The best way to put your mind at ease during this time of year is to have a professional check your classic car over, giving it all the attention it deserves to ensure good performance during Winter. To bring your car into our workshop for a full servicing, or to discuss your particular needs with one of our experts, call us on 01885 488 488 or email









A customer’s restoration journey

This week we are honoured to have spoken to Peter Linn, a lifelong classic car enthusiast and owner from Essex who now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Peter currently owns a selection of cars, including a 1955 Austin Healey 100, which was bought part restored in 2008, and a 1947 MG TC/Q type special, which was purchased as a basket case in 2016. These are the last of a string of British classics starting with a 1952 Series MM Morris Minor in 1966, through 1953 MG TD owned from 1970-1986 (in the UK), 1966 Daimler 2.5 litre V8 (1992-2003 in Australia), 1955 Special bodied Austin Healey 100 ‘the Ward Special’ (2003-2015) which is now in Holland, and an Ausca bodied Healey 100.

The current Healey was found in a paddock in NSW where it had sat for 20 odd years. Most of the mechanical bits were long gone, so it needed a replacement engine (3.8 litre Holden V6). The MG was bought from a friend as a project. The chassis is one from a car he owned in the ‘60s which he crashed. He then replaced the chassis and subsequently straightened the original one and collected bits to build another car. That’s what Peter bought. The body is a fibreglass Q type replica of which a handful were made in Melbourne.

A personal passion for restoration

Peter gets a particular kick from building something out of nothing (or very little) as well as resurrecting cars that very nearly cease to exist. That was the case with both the Healey and the MG, and also the Ausca bodied car, which was built from scratch after finding the body in Victoria.

Holden Vintage & Classic have helped Peter bring these cars back to life

Peter has used Holden Vintage & Classic products in many of his restorations. In the MG, he used an alloy rocker cover, sidelight innards, reflectors, halogen headlamp globes, electronic SU fuel pump, badge bar clips, cabling, spark plug caps, spring bonnet catches, and a pair of goggles and driving gloves!

In the Healey, he needed headlamp seals, Healey-specific rear indicators, headlamp stone guards, reflectors, lift the dot studs and decals.

And in the Ausca bodied car (now sold) he required complete headlamp units, MGA tail lights, reflectors, indicator lamp lenses and a few other small parts.  When asked about his experience, he said, “HVC is the first place I refer people too when they’re looking in particular for electrical and hardware bits”.


So how does Peter enjoy his projects once they’re finished? Well, as a member of GEAR (Golden Era Auto Racing), Peter told us he runs the Healey and the Ausca at the club’s two monthly track days at the 2 Queensland race tracks – Lakeside and Queensland Raceway. He also enjoys taking his classics to shows such as the annual All-British day. We are pleased that Peter has found the right hardware, electricals and accessories to help him enjoy his restored cars to their maximum potential and look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve in the near future!

If you’d like to share your restoration story, get in touch with us today!






Make the most of your classic car while the sun is shining!

We Brits know that the weather can be notoriously unpredictable. One moment, the Beast From The East is causing a national freeze, the next it’s 25 degrees and we’re digging out last year’s leftover sunblock.

So when we do get to enjoy a spot of fortunate weather, it’s important we make the most of it by bringing our classic motors out of their winter hibernation. After all, there really is no greater feeling than driving down beautiful country lanes with the top down on a warm Summer’s day.

Here’s what you can do to enjoy your classic car throughout the remainder of Spring and into the Summer months.

1. Give your classic motor a spring clean

This is the perfect time of year to really show off your classic car, especially if you’re scheduled to attend a classic motoring event sometime over the coming weeks. That’s why we recommend using the Autoglym Full Bodyworks and Wheels kit. This fantastic collection of cleaning products includes instant tyre dressing, shampoo conditioner, super resin polish, extra gloss protection, alloy wheel seal and clean wheels wash. Over the last few months of rain, wind and unprecedented levels of snow, your car will need a thorough wash down using the Autoglym shampoo conditioner to remove unwanted grime. You’ll also need to clear any grit and dirt from the wheels using the clean wheels wash. After the wheels have dried, you can use the alloy wheel seal to spray the rim of the wheels, although you must be careful not to spray through wheels onto brake discs or calipers. Once applied, buff the surface with dry cotton cloth and finish with the instant tyre dressing for a beautiful shine. Back to the car’s body, once the shampoo conditioner has dried, you’ll be able to apply the polish and extra gloss protection, giving your motor a spectacular shine while guarding it from common Summer hazards.

2. Treat your classic motor to a splash of paint

If you think your classic car’s chassis is looking a little dull, you might want to consider treating it to a lick of paint in time for the summer months. This can bring any classic vehicle back to life and give you an added sense of pride if you’re attending classic car shows or similar motoring events. POR-15 make a number of suitable paints, all of which have anti-rust properties to keep your car in better shape for the long haul. If you’d like to try out this paint before committing to it, you can purchase the POR-15 Super Starter Kit which includes metal prep, rust prevention coating and a cleaner degreaser, as well as latex gloves and two wooden handle paint brushes. Remember that cleaning your car is critical before applying paint so that fibres and bugs aren’t trapped beneath the paintwork, as this can create an uneven coating.

3. Take your car to an event

Throughout the rest of April and into May, classic car and motorcycle events are found in abundance across the country and beyond. At Holden Vintage & Classic, not only do we list our favourite events each month on our blog, but attend many of these ourselves! If you’ve seen an event that’s caught your eye and are thinking of entering as a participants, we are more than willing to talk to you about the best ways you can prep your car beforehand. Alternatively, you can bring your car into our Service and Restoration Bay for a full check-up.

And while you’re here….

We’d like to present to you this stunning Morgan 3-wheeler for sale at the Holden Morgan showroom.

Ordinarily, when purchasing this stunning classic motor from the Morgan factory directly, you would expect to wait months before becoming its owner. But with us, there is no wait at all. Treat yourself to this gorgeous new and unregistered car with 0 mileage for just £39995. For more information, click here or email


2017 Classic Car Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming and it’s time to think about what you’re going to buy for the classic car enthusiast in your life. Whether they have a passion for car parts, a need for a new wardrobe or just adore all-things-country-living, we are certain that you’ll find what you’re looking for at Holden Vintage and Classic.

As well as a huge range of classic motoring clothing, we stock classic car memorabilia, hardwear and electricals, as well as classic car accessories and even classic car toys for children!

For gift inspirations, we have put together some of our favourite classic vehicle stocking filler ideas, main gifts for him and main gifts for her! But there’s plenty more to see on our website, and, for a limited time, a huge clothing sale you won’t want to miss.

Stocking Fillers for Him

Austin Healey Tie

Perfect for smart casual events, this vibrant classic car Austin Healey tie is guaranteed to be a conversation starter! £9.99.

Tyre Service Kit

A handy gift for any classic car owner, sold in a stylish retro tin. £12.50.

Union Jack Badge Set

This patriotic three part badge set will spruce up your classic attire and makes a perfect stocking filler. £8.25.

1929 Castrol Poster

On March 11th 1929 Major Sir Henry Segrave attained 231.36 mph in his Napier powered Golden Arrow at Daytona Beach to break the World’s Land Speed Record using Castrol Oils. This reproduction of an original Poster celebrates the event. £4.99.

VW Beetle Haynes Model

At 1:24 to scale, this wonderful VW Beetle Haynes Model is a fantastic collectors item and ideal for any Beetle enthusiast. £12.

Classic Car Clock

Add a piece of tasteful decor to your office desk with this 10″x10″ classic car clock. £32.95.

Turning A Series Engines Book

Enjoy this technical book on tuning for performance or economy. Ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings of their vehicle. £25.

Jack Murphy Ocean Socks

This vibrant pair of socks is not only smart to look at but soft against the skin too. Multiple sizes available. £2.

Stocking Fillers For Her

Morgan Mug

From a painting by Richard Wade, this Morgan Mug can be appreciated by Morgan owners and enthusiasts alike. £5.50.

Italian High Performance Cars Book

By Anthony Pritchard and Keith Davey. This is a reprinted book that covers the early history of Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Cisitalia, Osca, Isotta-Fraschini and Diatto. £19.95

Alpaca Fur Halo

Look elegant and feel warm in this chunky fur design headband made from 100% alpaca. Perfect for winter driving. £40.

French Cruisewear Socks

Keep your feet snug in the cooler seasons with this cute pair of French Cruisewear Socks. £2.91.

Jack Murphy Powder Room Scarf

Ideal for spring, this Jack Murphy floral scarf is elegant, chic and beautifully made. £7.00.

Main Gifts For Him

Metrinch Spanner Set

A man can never have too many spanners. Make sure your chap has his tool box nicely stocked with this Metrinch Spanner Set. £77.26.

Tool Roll Leather for 8 Tools

Need somewhere to keep a few extra tools? You can do not better than this convenient and easy to store tool roll leather. £62.70.

Leather Toolbag 

Sophisticated and upmarket, this leather tool bag can hold a good number of tools and features two straps and gold plated buckles. £99.

Neoprene Sligo Wellingtons

A handy and versatile pair of Wellington boots, perfect for country living and long walks in muddier terrain. £50.

Jack Murphy Men’s Shirt

Made from 100% cotton, this Jack Murphy long sleeved checked shirt will look fantastic paired with jeans or chinos on Christmas Day! £20.

Dara Quilted Wax Jacket

Cosy and warm, the Dara Quilted Wax Jacket is perfect for cold seasons. £87.50.

Boston Felt Hat by Jack Murphy

This is a versatile, crushable wool felt hat with a leather trim band and branded pin badge to add a touch of style. £29.16.

Flying Jacket

The Holden Aviator flying jacket is British made and quite possibly the softest lightest flying jacket you can buy. It weighs about 20% less than traditional flying Jackets making it super comfortable and flexible. £495.



Main Gifts For Women

Wool Scarf

Wrap up nice and warm in this stunning crimson blue wool scarf. Ideal for top down motoring. £18.

Esther Ladies Tweed Jacket

Look sophisticated in this classic styled ladies tweed jacket with a detachable faux fur collar and velet detailing. £110.

Omogen Ladies Jacket

The Omogen Waxed Cotton Jacket by Jack Murphy is a chic, classic styled ladies waxed jacket made from British waxed cotton. Perfect in all seasons. £100.

Classic Car Plates

Artist Richard Wade brings you charismatic renditions of an Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG and Morgan with these gorgeous classic motoring china plates. £40.

Katie Sweater By Jack Murphy 

The eye catching Katy Sweater is a classic cable knit v-neck sweater with a luxurious touch of cashmere. Perfect for Christmas Day. £25.

For more gift inspiration or to buy gift vouchers, head over to our website.


(Please note all prices noted above exclude VAT)

Heritage, you just can’t fake it. Introducing the Belstaff collection

‘Zipping up my Belstaff Triumph brings me warmth – not only physically, but warmth in the knowledge that I’m protected if anything goes awry with my ride.’
Those are the words of 19-time motorcycle land-speed record holder and former Facebook executive Erin Sills. Having reached speeds of over 200mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, he knows all too well the importance of wearing the right clothing while out on the open road.

And that’s where Belstaff come in. Experts in providing top quality and incredibly safe clothing for those with an adventurous streak, Belstaff have spent the last century establishing themselves as firm fashion industry leaders. The likes of David Beckham, Kate Moss and Sir Ranulph Fiennes have have featured in their latest campaigns, and their iconic leather jacket has become every fashionista’s staple garment.

Like most authorities in their field, Belstaff have a long and rich history. Founded in 1924, the brand originally sought to produce waterproof clothing for motorcyclists. A little under two decades later, the Belstaff Black Prince Jacket was named the best selling waterproof jacket of all time – a true testament to the passion and innovation of its creators. By 1950, Belstaff were catering for men and women of all backgrounds – not just sportsmen, and in 1963 the legendary Steve McQueen showed off a Belstaff outfit during his famous motorcycle jump over barbed wire in The Great Escape!
Belstaff now trade in over 30 countries and are showing no sign of slowing. But what is it that make their clothing so special?

The secret to their popularity could lie in their wax cotton materials which are simultaneously waterproof and breathable. The innovative ‘reacta’ material embedded into many of their garments stabilises body temperature, while the patented ‘Belfresh’ material eliminates perspiration. The result? Comfortable, lightweight clothing that’s ideal for active people.

So what do we have to offer you?

The good news is, at Holden Vintage & Classic we supply a wide range of Belstaff products for both men and women. Here’s some examples!

The Belstaff Crosby Men’s Waxed Jacket


Belstaff Neck Warmer

Belstaff X Man Racing Blouson


Endurance Boots

Keppel Gate Waxed Jacket

For the full range please visit our dedicated Belstaff page.

Winter Driving In Your Classic Car

A couple of weeks ago, we talked to you about storing your classic car throughout the winter and the importance of doing so.
But many of you will, perhaps just occasionally, still want to drive your vehicle in the frostier months. The problem is, winter winds, damp air and salt-coated icy roads aren’t the kindest of environments and the last thing you need is a hefty servicing bill in the spring. Here’s a list of essential products we recommend you stock up on before temperatures plummet:

The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym

A thorough ice-removal is recommended before and after a frosty drive. Ice is a threat to every aspect of your classic vehicle, from the engine transmission to the steering system. The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym features a powerful de-icer, a screen wash, ice scraper and de misting microfibre cloth for windows. At only £16.73 it’s a bargain, especially when compared to the cost of repairing damages caused by melted ice.

Outdoor Car Cover

If you don’t own a garage, then it’s critical you own a robust, effective outdoor car cover that will protect your pride and joy from the elements in between drives. This particular brand features 4 air vents to allow proper circulation, as well as two under-car security straps so that it won’t blow away during a mild British hurricane.

Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol

Where there’s water, there’s the risk of rust. And that’s never, ever welcome! Rust reeks havoc on your classic car’s body, electrical systems, engine and undercarriage. If unaddressed, your classic vehicle will eventually cease to be safe (or possible) to drive. Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol is a weather resistant spray that solves the problem of ‘hidden rust’. It draws moisture out of the vehicle, and seals the vulnerable areas to prevent against the reintroduction of water.

Castrol Classic Engine Oil

Using the correct engine oil is critical in maintaining a healthy engine, and modern oils can be particularly corrosive and problematic in older cars. During the winter, the use of Castrol Classic Engine Oil prevents the production of ‘cold weather oil sludge’, guaranteeing a smoother drive and happier vehicle. Change your oil before the cooler seasons, and again in spring time for the best result.

Classic Vehicle Safety Kit

According to the RAC, the majority of breakdowns happen during the winter. Imagine sudden engine failure on a low visibility Sunday afternoon in the middle of a freezing cold country road! It’s sensible to carry with you a classic vehicle safety kit to make yourself known to other drivers, and to tend to any other emergency issues you’ve encountered during the incident. This kit offers all the essentials, including a first aid box, tow sign, high resolution jacket and fire extinguisher, and will fit neatly into your boot or passenger seat.

Continue reading

Prepare Your Classic Car For Winter Storage

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to fall, there’s a slight chill in the air and for the first time in months you’re considering putting the heating on.
For those of you who only like to drive your classic vehicle in the sunshine, now is the time to think about tucking it away for the winter. And there’s a number of steps you’ll need to take to ensure your car is kept safe and dry, and in tip-top condition between now and spring.

Give It A Clean

Let’s start with the basics. Water stains, tree sap or bird droppings left for weeks or months on your classic vehicle can cause damage to the exterior. That’s why it’s critical that you take the time to shampoo your car before storing it. Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner is sufficient for this job, and if you require additional peace of mind, you could finish it with an extra protection gloss or wax. Removing dirt from the underbody is important too. Remember, dirt holds moisture which in turn can cause rust – a true enemy of any classic car. Finally, give the interior a good overhaul using an Autoglym interior cleaner and use a hand held hoover suck up any crumbs. Critters find ways of sneaking into stored cars in search for leftover food, which won’t be a welcome surprise once you’re ready to drive again. Skipping these steps will only put you at risk of needing restoration in a few months time, so make sure it’s prioritised!

Change The Oil

If you’re storing your vehicle for more than a week or two, it’s a good idea to change the oil beforehand. This prevents any contaminants in existing oil from causing corrosion, and will give you peace of mind that once spring arrives, your car will be good to go! Castrol provide a number of excellent classic engine oils that ensure your motor is protected from oxidisation and corrosion whether it’s running or resting in your garage.

Avoid Flat Spots

So often, classic car owners forget to see to their tyres before storing a car for winter. But this is a mistake because tyres left unused are prone to developing flat spots. Flat spots occur when a car has been left stationary and are particularly prone to occurring in cold temperatures. While most flat spots resolve themselves after a few minutes driving, sometimes they can become a permanent feature on the tyre rendering it unusable. To prevent this, we recommend you use a tyre trainer which not only helps to prevent flat spots but reduces the potential for cracks too.

Keep It Covered

Whether you’re storing your classic vehicle inside a garage or out on the driveway, you need to keep it covered. A lightweight and breathable cover will protect your car from the elements, as well as bird droppings, tree sap and knocks. What makes the covers available at Holden Vintage & Classic particularly effective is that they can be placed on a wet or dry car, and still allows water to evaporate. For a car stored indoors, you can purchase a semi fitted cover or cair-o-port indoor storage solution to protect it from dust, scratches and corrosive damage.

If you’d like to talk to one of the team about further ways you can protect your car whilst it’s in storage, or discuss the best products for your vehicle, you can call us on 01885 488 488.

Received Some Holden Gift Vouchers? Here’s Five Ways To Spend Them

If you’ve recently been given one of our Holden Vintage & Classic gift vouchers, or are thinking about buying some for a friend, we’ve got plenty of fantastic classic motoring equipment, accessories and clothing that you may be interested in. If, however, you’re feeling a bit indecisive, here’s five ideas on how you can spend your gift vouchers so that you get the best value for money.

1. Stock up on maintenance essentials

Maintaining your classic vehicle is critical to ensuring it runs for a good long while with minimal problems. Neglected cars are more likely to end up in the garage and will rack up large bills for the owner! To avoid the inconvenience and expense of a broken-down classic car, make sure you’re sticking to a maintenance routine. Cleaners have varying purposes – but all vehicles will need a decent bodywork shampoo and conditioner. You’ll also be wise to get an interior leather cleaner for your seats to keep them in tip-top shape. To cover all grounds, why not get the full Autoglym collection which also includes polish and wheel cleaner? Now, good maintenance requires more than keeping the car nice and shiny. You’ll also need good lubrication designed to keep your car’s working parts in optimal condition all year round. We’re pleased to stock some excellent automotive lubrication brands like Castrol and Millers Oils which provide high quality oils for your brakes, engines and chains.

2. Look dapper in brand new motoring clothing

It might be that you’re well stocked up on classic car maintenance essentials but need a motoring wardrobe makeover. If this is the case, look no further. Whether you’re headed off to a classic motor show or simply want to look the part as you drive through the countryside, we have a huge variety of classic motoring clothing across brands like Belstaff, BSA and Grenfell. Stuck for ideas? Check out our dedicated blog post for ideas.

3. Add some electrical accessories to your vehicle

It’s important to customise your car to your liking, and you can do this by adding some extra details here and there. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your aerial or install a 40 watt loudspeaker, we have all the parts you need. For those of you that enjoy a Corona cigar as you drive, we have cigar lighters that can be easily wired in too!

4. Treat yourself to a new tool kit

Can you really ever have enough tools? Every classic car owner needs to have at least a basic tool collection so that you can get to work on making minor repairs should you need to. If you think your spanners are looking a little tired, why not upgrade and get yourself a 14 piece spanner set? For more complex work, we have engine overhaul kits, carburettor adjusting tools and metal working tools. Once you’ve selected a range of new tools, you’ll need a fresh tool bag to put them all in. We offer a range of fabric and leather tool bags and tool rolls so that you can find the right one for you.

5. Give your motor a lick of paint

If your car would benefit from a slightly brighter body, why not treat it to a paint touch up? We stock POR-15 and KBS paint systems with rust prevention properties to ensure you keep pesky rust at bay for longer. If you regularly display your engine, you might want to consider using POR-15 engine paint to give it that extra special detail.

Of course, there’s plenty of other items you can choose from, so head over to our website now and choose how you’d like to spend your vouchers!