Still Alive

A quick post to let you all know that we are still alive! Blogging has been very difficult as this has turned out to be what one of the other competitors described as a “full on endurance rally” driving from dawn till dusk with only just time to eat and grab a few hours sleep until the alarm goes off to start again the next day. Added to that of course very limited wi-fi that isn’t enough to upload blog posts and so many problems with the car that has left J (and the wonderful mechanics) working on him into the early hours…..nother Bloggers have given up – not me and anyway tomorrow we have a day off in Lusaka, we arrived tonight after driving for 10 hours 566K so I will do some proper blogging and get you all up to date!

Love to all from us both and Sol and Africa xxx

3 Reasons to Hire A Morgan For The Weekend

Very few cars emulate the class, nostalgia and performance that a Morgan offers, and at Holden Morgan, we want as many people as possible to experience this iconic car in all its glory. That’s why we provide a hiring service that allows you to make memories while experiencing the Morgan’s many unparalleled features.

But why should you want to hire a Morgan for the weekend? Here are three very good reasons:

Treat yourself to a weekend away

A weekend spent in the countryside helps you to restore and rejuvenate, and we think there’s no better way to spend this quality downtime than with good friends and a classic Morgan. You can pick up your Morgan at 4pm on a Friday, drive in style to a destination of your choice (see our blog post on our favourite romantic drives for inspiration) and keep it all the way until 10am Monday morning, with an opportunity to travel up to 250 miles in one weekend. Pack a picnic, enjoy a spot of top-down driving if the weather permits and take in the views as you enjoy the full Morgan driving experience. You can also visit a local attraction such as Hampton Court or Chase Distillery to make it even more memorable.

A gift for a special someone

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or special occasion, giving a loved one the opportunity to drive (or be a passenger in) a Morgan for the weekend is bound to go down well. They might already be a Morgan enthusiast, or perhaps you’re keen to share with them your own passion for this iconic car. Either way, this unique and memorable experience gift is a fantastic way to show someone you care.

Try before you buy

It could be that you’ve been toying with the idea of buying a Morgan for a while, but are still on the fence about such an important purchase. And that’s why we encourage you to hire a Morgan for the weekend to really get to know the car before you make up your mind. The great news is that, should you absolutely love the car you’ve hired (and we’re sure you will), and you decide to purchase it, we will refund you either a day or weekend’s hire cost (depending on whether you buy a used or new Morgan).

Am I eligible to hire a Morgan for the weekend?

At Holden Morgan we like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the full Morgan experience. We do, however, have some eligibility criteria that you should be aware of before trying to hire a Morgan for the weekend.

You must be:

30 to 70 years of age
A resident in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man
A holder of a current, full, valid UK driving licence and have held this for 1+ years
Free from any disqualification on the driving licence
Free from any special terms imposed by insurers in respect of driving or had an accident in the past 3 years
Free from any current or pending offences on the driving licence, with the exception of parking and up to 2 speeding offences
Free from any medical conditions requiring referral to DVLA
Willing to complete a questionnaire to satisfy the above requirements

Next steps

If you’d like to enquire about hiring a Morgan for the weekend, please contact or click here to get more information on prices and terms & conditions.




* Please note that the Morgans pictured in this article are not guaranteed to be available for hire at the time of reading. Please check with the team at Holden Morgan about current Morgan hire availability.

An American Classic – Ian Hadley’s 1970 Chrysler 300

This week it has been a pleasure to receive a guest post from Ian Hadley, who took a leap of faith and purchased a 1970 Chrysler 300 from the States, relying only on photographs and a bit of courage to seal the deal. Read his personal account below:

“The car was a 1970 Chrysler 300, 2 door hardtop (Coupe), 440 Cubic Inches (7.2 Litres), 350 hp, 480 ft lbs of stump pulling torque. Near 20 ft long, 7 ft wide and weighs just north of 2 tons. Three speed automatic transmission (manual not available for this model). She had allegedly been a one family owned car and spent her entire life in and around the environs of Pasadena (a suburb of Los Angeles, California). Originally purchased new by the vendor’s great aunt. I guess that makes her the original “Little Old Lady from Pasadena”! There are two basic types of American car which every enthusiast finds desirable. The first I would term the “Daddy’s Girl Car”; usually a sporty model with upgraded brakes, handling package and all the toys but with the base engine. Just begging for an engine swap. The second I call the “Sunday Go To Meeting Car”; a personal luxury coupe or sedan, little used, low mileage.

With 56k genuine miles on the clock, this old girl of a Chrysler falls into the latter category. Whilst not my first rodeo concerning the importation of a car from The States, one never quite knows what to expect until the vehicle gets here. Relying entirely on photographs and the vendor’s description requires a great leap of faith and is not to be recommended to those faint of heart. In this case she lived up to expectations and I find myself well pleased with my purchase.

The car proved to be totally rust free, an advantage of importing from a dry State. Unusually for a 300, the car was not highly optioned having no Air Conditioning, no Power Windows, and just the basic Bench Seat interior. I managed to extract the Broadcast Sheet from it’s under seat hiding place and discovered the car came with the “fuel economy” rear axle, a fact I found hilarious! Having been maintained in an excellent mechanical state, she needed very little to pass her first MOT. The rear indicators required a rewire and colour change. The washer bottle was non existent. Old technology plastic bottles do not last and are virtually impossible to obtain NOS or used. The old sealed beam headlights needed improvement too. Now in the old days, when headlights came in standard sizes, one only needed to visit the local automotive factor for an off the shelf replacement. Not so easy in the 21st Century.

This is where Holden Vintage and Classic came to the rescue.

These fine folks carry a range of suitable replacements, enabling one to convert your classic to utilise more modern halogen lighting. Whilst I was shopping, I purchased a generic aftermarket washer kit too. Not being a matching numbers aficionado, the lack of originality does not bother me. Suffice to say, MOT passed first time! And finally, just to answer the often-asked questions; you can get four bodies in the trunk and it does 12 – 14 mpg on a run which falls to 5 – 6 mpg in stop start driving. If two litres did it for me, I’d have got me a Pepsi!”

If you’d like to share your classic car story, please email us today on

Mothers Day Motoring Gifts

It’s almost Mothers Day, and we have the perfect selection of affordable gifts for all classic-motoring Mums out there. From sleek country clothing to practical classic car essentials, this list should give you plenty of inspiration in time for the big day.

Neoprene Sligo Wellingtons by Jack Murphy

If your Mum can’t get enough of the outdoors, she’ll love this pair of robust neoprene waterproof wellies from Jack Murphy. Strong, warm and highly flexible, they’re designed to stand up to not only the elements but also to the test of time. £50

Beth Ladies’ Tweed Jacket by Jack Murphy

This beautiful classic equestrian styled ladies tweed jacket features colour contrast lining, 100% Shetland wool and a velvet collar. Perfect for the sophisticated country lady. £80 (down from £145.82)

Morgan Plate

Painted by Richard Wade, this creative, vibrant Morgan plate is perfect for any Morgan owning Mum this Mothers Day! £11.40.

Austin Healey Mug

A simple yet effective Mothers Day gift. This Austin Healey mug will make a nice addition to any classic motorist’s collection. £5.50.

Stirling Moss Book

This fascinating 320 page book details the cars and adventures of Stirling Moss. A fantastic addition to any classic motorist’s bookshelf. £25

MG T Series in detail

Shell Pump Enamel Sign

Add a splash of motoring nostalgia to your garage wall with this fun and vibrant Shell Pump Enamel Sign! £10.80

Belstaff Tourist Trophy Waxed Jacket

The Belstaff Laddies Tourist Trophy Wax Jacket has real performance and quality, making it a very practical yet classic looking piece of kit. Ideal for any motoring enthusiast who likes to look her absolute best on the road. £437.50.

Autoglym The Collection Perfect Bodywork and Wheels

Get brilliant bodywork and wheels with the ultimate Autoglym gift set. Features Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner 325ml, Super Resin Polish 325ml, Extra Gloss Protection 325ml, Clean Wheels 500ml, Instant Tyre Dressing 500ml and Alloy Wheel Seal 450ml. £29.75.

Bilt-Hamber Auto-balm, High-Shine Polish That Stops Rust

Bilt-Hamber Auto-balm is a unique product providing protection and gloss to automotive paintwork and car bodywork.It’s brilliant at sealing capillary pores in paintwork and provides an anti-corrosion barrier to stone-chips and scratches on vehicle paintwork. Comes with a free washable applicator and buffing cloth.

The Collection Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interior, Autoglym

Get your wheels, bodywork and interior sparkling clean with this incredible Autoglym collection! It features 325ml Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection, 500ml Clean Wheels, Fast Glass, Interior Shampoo, Instant Tyre Dressing and Vinyl Rubber Care and a 300ml Wheel Protector Spray.

Electric Drill Reversable 230 volt 1050 watt

This impressive and handy drill features variable speed control with a lock button, a powerful 1050 watt motor and two-speed synchronized gearbox. £127.58

Scottoil Touring Chain Oiling Kit

The Scottoiler Touring System consists of a High Capacity Reservoir and a Remote Metering Valve that fits neatly behind the number plate increasing system capacity over 060.700 by eight times. Also includes fittings to suit most bikes and 500ml Scottoil.

Ashtray for MGB 1972

An ashtray can give a classic vehicle an extra authentic flare, even if you’re a non smoker. This one in particular fits a MGB 1972 on. but can also be fitted to other cars. £27.60.

Of course, we have plenty of other classic motoring products we’re sure your motoring Mum would love this Mothers Day. Head over to our website now to view the full range.

Bringsty Grand Prix 2018

Bringsty Grand Prix is a classic Motocross event taking place on Saturday 7th April 2018 from 10.30 am. The venue is Tiblands Farm, Linley Green Road, Bromyard WR6 5RE.

The first instance of this event was in 1946 to celebrate the end of World War II but also to protest at continuing shortages of fuel and other essentials. It was a big event and drew entries and spectators from across the Midlands region. It was successfully repeated in 1947 but that was the last time until now.

In 2017 it was decided to try to resurrect Bringsty Grand Prix and a closed door pilot event was run to test the feasibility of mounting a revival. The pilot went well and so now Bringsty Grand Prix is being revived under the auspices of Bromyard Speed Festival.

Having had valuable input from gentlemen who attended the past events in their youth we are confident that the circuit will be substantially the same as the original. Traditional methods have been used to create the track and this will be a faithful re-creation of the 1947 event.

To enter a bike costs £35 and the online booking system can be found here.

Spectators are encouraged and it will be a fun, family day out. There will be plenty of opportunities to view the bikes close up and watch them in action. There will be food, refreshments and a bar available. Toilet facilities will be provided.

Parking will cost £10 per vehicle and will need to be booked in advance using our online form [available very soon]. Space and numbers will be limited so do not expect to turn up and find somewhere to park on the road for free or even pay for parking on the day.

If the weather is wet dress appropriately for mud. If the weather is dry … do the same!

For more information, click here. 



A Glance in the Mirror

It has been a wonderful year, with April’s fabulous Samurai Challenge in Japan, the thrilling Paris-Prague Rally in June and the spectacular Odyssey Italia in September. Once again we extend our congratulations to the overall winners, respectively Martinus and Josephina Aaldering (1936 Alvis Speed 25), Martin and Olivia Hunt (1937 Frazer Nash-BMW 328) and Bill and Jacqui Cleyndert (1924 Bentley 3/4.5) and to all the other crews who now have a Rally Round award on their shelves. That said, we haven’t forgotten all those whose ambitions were cruelly thwarted by misfortune, mechanical or otherwise. We trust you had fun anyway, which is the main thing. And in spite of rallying’s unpredictable character, one thing is certain – you’re sure to do better next time!

Wedding Bells

Speaking of congratulations, we also want to send our very warmest good wishes to ever-cheerful and deservedly popular Rally Round marshalls Baz and Danielle Green, who recently tied the marital knot. We trust they both arrived at the church on time!

Our attention is now focused on forthcoming adventures. The next couple of years are going to be intensely busy and exciting, with Rally Round events all over the world. First up is the Paris-Amsterdam Rally (17-23 June), celebrating two of the greatest achievements in motoring history – the first long-distance drive in a motor car, by Bertha Benz and two of her teenage children in 1888, and the first international race, from Paris to Amsterdam and back in 1898. Route designer and Clerk of the Course Fred Bent has recently competed two detailed route recces, and his first report is now available to read on our website event page. He’s found some marvellous roads and delightful refreshment halts on the route through France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands, and with visits to several iconic motorsport venues including Reims-Gueux, Hockenheim, Solitude and the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife, not to mention Spa Francorchamps, the competition for both the Charles Jarrott Trophy and the Classic Category Award is going to be terrific. We’ve already received a fascinating variety of entries, ranging from two big 14.5-litre American LaFrance Roadsters to an unmissably bright yellow Alpine A110 and two Ford Mustangs on a shakedown test for the year’s second big adventure, Rally Round Africa (see below). Another recent entrant of note is our old pal Richard Cunningham, who secured his place at a charity auction at Kensington Palace the in aid of the Fly Navy Heritage Trust, which works to preserve Britain’s historic naval aircraft (click here for details). Rally Round donated a Paris-Amsterdam entry to the auction and ever-competitive Richard was the highest bidder. The evening also included a preview of the ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ exhibition, and given Richard’s unforgettable sartorial achievements on previous Rally Round events we were somewhat relieved that none of the dresses were included in the auction – we’re already having nightmares about what Richard might wear for the rally’s glamorous river cruise through Frankfurt, let alone our lunch halt at Castle Frankenstein…


London Calling

Before all that, and rather closer to home, Rally Round will be at the 2018 London Classic Car Show at ExCeL in Docklands from Thursday 15-to Sunday 18 February; you’ll find us on stand HM184 on the Main Aisle, so please do pop along and say hello. We will be running a prize draw for a free place on June’s Paris-Amsterdam Rally, and the winner will be announced on the Sunday – more details to follow. For information about the Show, visit

Rallying Around

In May 2018, following Kim Bannister’s return from our Himalayan recce, he and David Wenman will be indulging their love of rallying in Ireland, aboard David’s 1975 Chrysler. This club rallying is meat and drink to Kim, and hopefully the practice will enable David to score a better result on Paris-Amsterdam, which he’s entered with his 2017 Paris-Prague co-driver Geoff Robinson. They’ll be driving a 1929 American LaFrance, but whether they’ll be able to match the performance of rally stalwarts John and Catherine Harrison and their faithful 1917 model remains to be seen

The Tin Cup

Not to be outdone, Liz Wenman and Heidi Winterbourne have entered the Rally Preparation Services Tin Cup Trial over the weekend of 21-22 July 2018. Held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of RPS, the Trial is a two-day event taking in the best of the Cotswolds and surrounding areas with fun tests, the odd regularity and above all good company. Liz will be campaigning her 1954 ex-Maurice Gatsonides works Triumph TR2, while Heidi will be blatting around in the ex-works 1969 Ford Cortina Lotus she drove on our 2014 Road to Mandalay Rally – her biggest challenge might be finding someone brave enough to take the navigator’s seat, but it will certainly be nice to let someone else do the organising for once!

Safe European Home

Our friends at RPS have also launched another new venture – the Stand Alone Storage Company – SASCo for short – which provides safe and secure storage for all types of vehicles. SASCO’s location in the heart of England makes it easy for overseas adventurers to take part in UK or European events such as Paris-Amsterdam, as it’s much simpler – and cheaper – to transport a car to the start line from the UK than to ship it half-way around the world (and back again). Of course RPS can also prepare the car in advance, so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the drive. To find out more visit

New Garage Band

Evidently preferring the M2 to the M20, our old chums Dean Staples and Ian Langford have opened a new repair, restoration and rally preparation workshop, Lenham Classic and Sports Cars, which is located at Bredgar, near Sittingbourne, Kent, a few miles north of Andy Actman’s Lenham Sports Cars in Harrietsham. With more than 50 years experience between them, Dean and Ian will continue to deliver an impeccable service, whether you require a simple oil change, expert advice or a full restoration to road, race or rally specification. For more information visit, email or telephone +44 (0)1795 830286 / 01795 830288.


Running AMOC

The Aston Martin Owners’ Club is arranging a ‘taster day’ at the Curborough sprint circuit, near Litchfield, Staffordshire, on 15 March next year. It will be an informal opportunity to take your car out on a Sprint circuit, where cars run one at a time. You can bring any car you like and a qualified instructor, current championship competitors and a scrutineer will be on hand to assist and advise you. The cost is £140 for AMOC Members and £150 for non-members, so if you’d like to know more about Sprint competition or simply fancy a fun day out at the track, contact Ben Valbret – email or call 01865 893935.

Speaking of Aston Martins, we’d like to congratulate all the 2017 season winners of the various AMOC Racing championships, who recently received their prizes at a glittering evening at the Mercure Noke Hotel in St Albans – you can peruse a full list at Also on the website are details of next year’s race meetings, which include 12 May at Oulton Park, 23 June at Brands Hatch, 29 July at Donington Park, 1 September at Snetterton and 6 October at Silverstone. You might even consider competing – you don’t necessarily need an Aston Martin and novices are always welcome. Rally Round will be attending most of the above meetings and we hope to see you there.

Our Friends Electric

Not just looking forward but thinking ahead, Rally Round is supporting an all-new event, the 2018 Tech.Driven rally from London to Swansea on 19 May. Organized by TechHub, the global community for tech entrepreneurs and startups (, the rally is for electric, hybrid, alternative-fuel and innovative-technology vehicles, and will run from TechHub Shoreditch via The Barbican, Windsor Castle, Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff to finish at TechHub Swansea; aside from these control points, participants will devise their own best route, sharing their progress on social media. Held in conjunction with the DVLA, Tech.Driven aims to promote advances in automotive technology and is sure to be a fascinating event, attracting some of the biggest names in the industry; for more information on how to get involved, visit


Holden Morgan Workshop

In the Holden Morgan workshop, company boss Jeremy Holden is preparing a 1955 Morgan Plus 4 for Rally Round Africa – we’re looking forward to seeing it in Dar es Salaam.

We recommend a visit to, where you’ll find a mouth-watering selection of vintage and classic rally cars for sale, including a couple that have previously run well on Rally Round events. Don’t forget to buy plenty of wrapping paper!

With all good wishes from Liz, Heidi, Kim and the rest of the Rally Round team.


Selecting The Right Toggle Switch For Your Classic Car

At Holden Vintage & Classic we offer a range of toggle switches for your classic car, including both Lucas and reproduction Lucas varieties.

If you are less familiar with the purpose of a toggle switch, we’re happy to explain.
Almost every function performed by your classic vehicle involves a switch – whether it be a lever switch, push button or a toggle switch. A toggle switch in particular is manually operated by moving a short handle and has a ‘springing’ action, giving you the ability to control the flow of electricity through a circuit. They are more commonplace within classic cars than modern vehicles and can handle a large voltage.

Lucas toggle switches come in licensed and reproduction varieties but there’s very little difference between the two. Lucas toggle switches feature copper terminals as opposed to steel and the reproduction is very slightly thinner. Having said that, they’re both rated at the same ampage and are built to the highest standard, often used by many of the top international motor sport teams including McLaren, Prodrive and Williams.

In the above video, Julian Parker, Managing Director, explains how to use toggle switches to meet the particular requirements of your classic car. Some of the most common toggle switches available on our website include long level toggle switches, Lucas levers and stainless toggle switches.

To see our full range, click here.

Holden Morgan Launch Review

On 26th May, more than 100 Morgan enthusiasts gathered at the brand new premises of Holden-Morgan to celebrate its launch.
Holden Vintage & Classic and Morgan Motors have enjoyed a long lasting relationship that’s spun 4 decades, starting in the 1970s when Jeremy Holden and his father met with Peter Morgan to discuss a bumper that Holden had produced. Following this, a close business relationship ensued; and with the Morgan factory being only a short drive from the Holden premises in the historic motoring town of Bromyard, it was completely fitting that the two companies should eventually join forces.
…And join forces they did! In April 2017, HoldenMorgan was born, and the launch proved only too well how much love there is still for the Morgan car throughout Bromyard and beyond.
The event was opened by Bromyard town crier Peder Nielsen at 3pm on a hot and sunny afternoon. The Holden car park was lined with shiny Morgans and in the showroom the prosecco was flowing. Guests also enjoyed refreshingly cold bottles of Holden’s very own Plus 8 beer, created especially for the occasion.
Following the arrival of the guests, Jeremy Holden, owner of HoldenMorgan, Dennis De Roos, Commercial Director and Katie Turner, General Manager, delivered a number of informative speeches about the history of the Holden Morgan relationship and exciting ventures ahead, before guests were able to roam the premises and enjoy the atmosphere.
Also in attendance was Councillor Fred Clark (the Mayor of Bromyard), Morgan’s purchasing director Gregor Dixon-Smith, and a number of tour guides from the Morgan factory – as well as Granville and Christine Orange, Holden Morgans very first customers who both became the proud owners of a MOG 3W!
Jeremy Holden said, “We are thrilled with the turnout at the launch of HoldenMorgan and the day couldn’t have gone any better. It was wonderful seeing so many Morgan enthusiasts together in one place, especially on such a beautiful sunny day. Even a number of unsuspecting visitors who turned up to the Holden Vintage & Classic shop for some engine oil ended up joining in with the occasion, leaving with a Holden Plus 8 beer in hand! We have much to look forward to, and I’d like to thank the team at HoldenMorgan, as well as everyone who attended, for making the occasion a memorable one”.

Product Of The Week – 2 Tonne Light Duty Car Jack

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can own for servicing your classic motor is a car jack. A car jack is critical for maintenance and repair and is therefore a staple tool for anyone who’s serious about keeping their classic car in tip top condition, or undertaking a restoration project.
So what do they do? Well, car jacks are used to lift the car high enough to access the essential components during a repair procedure. You might use it to complete an oil change, or to replace brake pads, tires and rotors. As well as raising the car itself, jacks can also elevate the motor. This is to provide additional clearance within the engine bay, for example, during an engine mount replacement procedure.
When working with a jack, safety is advised. The use of axel stands will prevent avoidable accidents and damage. It is also important to think about the maximum weight load you’re looking to support and match these between the jack and the axel.
Our product of the week is a trolley 2 ton light duty jack.
A trolley jack is a type of floor jack. It consists of a trolley with four wheels that contains a hydraulic cylinder which is responsible for raising and lowering a lever arm. This lever arm has a small platform that interacts with your car or truck. The advantages of working with a trolley jack over alternative designs is that they are extremely easy to use as they do not need you to put in much physical effort to lift a vehicle. The rear swivelling castors help to keep the jack properly positioned underneath the car which conveniently minimises the risk of jack lean and makes for an all around safer repair session.
The trolley 2 ton light duty jack features a 2 tonnes capacity and a lifting range of 130 to 350mm. Its overall size is 492 x 218 x 132mm.
So, if you’re interested in purchasing a jack or looking for similar models in our range, head over to our dedicated page now and place your order.