From Zambia to Botswana

We were warned that this would be the most difficult/stressful border crossing, but little did anyone know that the ferry would be broken! we left in batches rather than one minute intervals to make the crossing easier, the 9.00ers before us were very lucky as they got on the last ride before it broke. There was no shade and we were waiting in 40 degrees African sun  When we were told it would be half an hour to fix it we thought  maybe three days, so were utterly delighted that it was all fixed in under four hours! We (in a very hot way) enjoyed the view of four different countries, (don’t ask me to name them now – I’ve had a cocktail in celebration that I have enough wifi to upload a photo!) and watching the scenery such as the carved out canoes going past

then we were on our way


And here we are in no mans land between Zambia and Botswana