And Here We Are

Here we are! not a bad place to update the Blog – by a pool on the Indian Ocean in Dar. We landed this morning at 5.45 am and came straight to the Sea Cliff hotel.  We have made contact with our Rally Clerks of the Course Nikki and Kim Bannister over breakfast and made use of some one to one time with them to gain some local knowledge. The competition begins before the competition! We have also now met some of our fellow Rally goers – the petrol head schpeak has begun – yawn Victoria!…..

Navigation Training Underway

Victoria and Jeremy meet with Kim and Nikki Bannister in a pub in the Cotswolds to try and teach Victoria how to hold a tulip map the right way up and how to press buttons on a stop watch. They certainly got me looking efficient and Jeremy had the fun job of driving the Boxster through water splashes. We even finished in the right place (partly accidentally)! Bring on the Regularities!

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Classic Motorist

With Christmas around the corner, you might be wondering which classic car gifts you’d like to receive. Alternatively, you might have a friend or family member who could use new tools, driving clothes or garage gear – in which case, we have exactly what you’re looking for!

Here are our suggestions for your 2018 Christmas list!

Introducing Loake Driving Shoes

New to Holden Vintage & Classic! Sophisticated, smart and incredibly practical, the Loake Driving Shoe for men is full of character with driver-enhancing properties. Made from real leather with a full interior leather lining, this convenient driving shoe features nodules on the bottom of the sole for excellent grip and control. So, whether you’re going on a short drive around the block or travelling for many hours, you can rely on the Loake Driving Shoe for optimal comfort and safety on your journey. At Holden Vintage & Classic, we are proud to stock Loake Driving Shoes in multiple sizes and colours!

Don’t forget, if you’re going to sport a pair of leather driving shoes, it makes sense to match them with a smart pair of driving gloves too! Find your perfect driving glove by clicking here.

Freshen Up Your Tool Kit

Electric Drill Reversable 230 volt 1050 watt

Tired of your rusty spanners and temperamental drill? Treat yourself or your loved ones to some fresh new tools to help restore and maintain your classic car. At Holden Vintage & Classic, you can purchase tool kits, problem solving tools, metal working tools and much much more. Click here to be redirected to our website to view the full range.

Enhance Your Garage

Car Lift - E-Z - Mobile for Home and Professional Use

Have you begun to bore of your dull, dreary workspace? If you have a restoration lined up for the new year, you might want to give your home garage a do-over to create the best quality working environment. We offer a range of signs and posters to decorate your garage walls, as well as an innovative and convenient EZCarLift to support and manoeuvre your vehicle with ease as you work.

Discounted Belstaff Jackets

Belstaff Hairpin Waxed Jacket - Ladies - Black

A high quality leather jacket can make all the difference to either top-down driving or motorcycle riding. And we don’t believe you can do any better than Belstaff. Dedicated to creating smart, innovative clothing for men and women, Belstaff are a brand we are proud to offer. And what’s more, we currently have a sale on across Belstaff jackets! Click here to view our range.

Ladies Driving Gear

Alpaca Fur Halo - Dark Brown

During the cooler seasons, you may want to consider a stylish, warm and supportive hat for top-down driving and winter classic motoring events! We’re pleased to offer you a gorgeous range of Alpaca hats for women in a variety of colours and styles. Many of these hats looks fantastic alongside a pair of ladies driving gloves, our full range of which you can find by clicking here.

Suixtil Clothing

Suixtil Nassau Polo - Navy Blue

Will you be attending any classic motoring events in 2019? If so, we recommend you check out our range of Suixtil motoring clothing! Suitable for both men and women, this stunning clothing range is made from high quality materials and is designed to be worn all-year-round.

Got something else in mind? Feel free to get in touch! We often have stock not listed on our website, so, if there’s a part or accessory you are keen to find, send us an email on

Ride Safe and Snug This Winter

Road safety should always be the greatest concern of any motorcyclist. But in Winter, there are additional weather-related threats that can hinder even the most experienced rider. It is crucial, therefore, that you prepare your body and your bike for winter riding in a slightly more cautious way. Here are our tips:

Be prepared for the roads

To ride safely in Winter, ensure you are prepared in advance of travel for the unpredictable and challenging roads. Ice, gravel, salt and snow can create difficult environments for even the most seasoned riders, so caution is advised. Plan your journey before leaving home, ensuring you have plenty of opportunities for stopping and resting should you become too cold or if conditions suddenly worsen. Check your bike’s lights are working properly and that the tyres are pumped. Also ensure your chain is lubricated and oil topped up. The last thing you want is to break down in icy conditions, so these checks are vital to help guarantee your safe journey and return home. When beginning your journey, practise braking a few times before entering a main road and, of course, always take a charged mobile phone.

Wear the right gear

One of the most significant dangers to bikers during Winter is the cold weather’s impact on your body and concentration. Being able to safely hold the bike up and make quick decisions is imperative and being freezing cold will hinder these processes. Therefore, you need appropriate winter riding gear. Winter riding clothing can feel very different on your body to lighter summer apparel, so it’s advisable to take a test ride before commencing any long journeys. We recommend a strong and sturdy Belstaff jacket, warm riding gloves, a neck warmer, goggles, warm socks and appropriate riding boots. We currently have a sale across our Belstaff jacket range, details of which you can find here. Of course, you also need to own a safe, reliable and warm helmet. You can view our range of riding helmets by clicking here.

Stay alert

The winter months post two significant risks to the alertness of the rider. Firstly, dehydration is subtler because we do not feel as thirsty in the cold as we do in the heat and therefore may overlook the need for regular hydration. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and confusion, compromising all-round safety. Secondly, Christmas and New Year’s Eve sees many more alcohol-related driving accidents and fatalities, meaning you have to be extra cautious of other drivers’ behaviour. It goes without saying, of course, that you should leave your bike at home if you’re thinking of drinking alcohol at a Christmas event. Tiredness will also impact your alertness so make sure you get enough sleep and never, ever ride after a big night out!

Holden Vintage & Classic Celebrates Its 30th Year

Last Friday we were proud to mark 30 years of serving the classic and vintage car community with a fantastic party at the Holden premises. Accompanied by some of our most prominent trade customers, Morgan representatives, key suppliers and friends & family, we enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere with a band, bar, hog roast and video footage of some of our greatest achievements over the past 30 years.

Looking back to our humble beginnings in Hartlebury, it’s incredible to see just how much we have achieved in three decades, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our customers. Therefore, we want to say an enormous thank you to those of you who have stayed with us over the years.

Taking you back to the beginning; Holden Vintage & Classic was founded in 1988 and moved to the historic motoring town of Bromyard (where we remain) in 1994. It is at this location that a factory was built giving room for larger stores, a sales office and a graphics studio to cope with the increased catalogue production (which by this stage was over 300 pages) and website development.

Bromyard itself has a special place in our company ethos and we have regularly participated in community events, including the fantastic Bromyard Speed Festival and more recently, the newly returned Bringsty Grand Prix.

As well as community events, special projects have also played a significant role in the Holden ethos, with a well-documented MGA Coupe rebuild and V8 Caterham restoration taking up much of the early noughties and, more recently, a challenging and exhilarating Morgan Plus 4 restoration which was completed within 1 year in preparation for RallyRound’s 2018 Rally Africa. We’d like to thank everyone who has helped us with our projects over the years and look forward to many more in the future!

It’s also important for us to mention our special relationship with The Morgan Motor Company. Any of our customers will know that Morgan cars have always been at the forefront of Holden’s interest. In 2017, we proudly launched Holden Morgan, the official Morgan dealership for the Midlands. It had been no secret that Holden’s owner Jeremy Holden had a lifelong passion for this iconic British car and given that the premises were a mere 10 miles from the Morgan factory, an eventual partnership seemed inevitable. A gleaming new showroom was installed on the premises offering new and used Morgans for sale as well as Morgan hire and servicing, and a wealth of new staff and apprentices were onboarded to keep up with growing customer interest. You can watch a video of the launch here.

Looking to the future, we are anticipating a fresh, highly functioning website by the end of 2018 and are excited by the offerings of our newest staff members who collectively bring years of industry expertise to the company.

Without a doubt, it has been a tremendously successful thirty years and we very much look forward to the coming developments and expansions, offering even more to the lifelong classic car enthusiast. Thank you once again to our loyal customers, without whom, none of this would be possible.

Prepare your classic car for the winter

Any classic car enthusiast knows that Winter is not the ideal time to take your much-loved vehicle out for a spin. The elements at this time of year can be harsh, and all that extra salt, mud and water on the roads is bound to cause any unprepared driver a host of expensive problems. If you need to drive your vehicle during the cooler season, it is important that you give it all the care and maintenance required to ensure you can do so with minimal issues. If, on the other hand, you want to store your car for the winter, we have a blog post giving you the best information on doing this properly.

Here are our tips for maintaining a running classic vehicle at this time of year:

Keep it clean

Before and during the winter months, it is imperative that you give your classic car a thorough clean, both internally and externally. As the weather begins to chill, your car is more susceptible to the threat of ice build-up, which affects every aspect of your classic vehicle including the engine, braking system and steering wheel. The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym comes in handy for this job, as it features a powerful de-icer, a screen wash, ice scraper and de-misting microfiber cloth for windows. At only £16.73 it’s a bargain, especially when compared to the cost of repairing rust damage caused by melted ice.

Address any rust

As the rain sets in, there’s an increased risk of rust build-up within your classic car. And that’s never, ever welcome! Rust can destroy your car’s body, electrical systems, engine and undercarriage. If left, your classic vehicle will eventually cease to be safe (or possible) to drive. Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol is a weather resistant spray that solves the problem of ‘hidden rust’. It draws moisture out of the vehicle and seals the vulnerable areas to prevent against the reintroduction of water.

Fit Winter tyres

Consider fitting winter tyres to take on the wet roads with ease. Winter tyres are made from a softer compound and have a different tread pattern to standard tyres, helping them to move through snow and similar harsh conditions without losing grip. We also recommend you get yourself a tyre trainer to avoid flat spots and extend tyre life.

Give the battery some attention

Inactivity, or less activity than normal, can kill a battery – as can extreme cold! As the Winter begins to set in, find some time to disconnect both the positive and negative battery terminals, clean and grease them, then check the battery and top up levels as necessary. Then connect a battery conditioner, making sure that there is no chance of the wires getting trapped as you close the bonnet.

Prepare for the unexpected

Winter is unpredictable. If you get caught out in the snow, you need to be prepared. We recommend you keep in your boot a triangle warning light, emergency puncture repair and a snow chain.

Book a servicing

The best way to put your mind at ease during this time of year is to have a professional check your classic car over, giving it all the attention it deserves to ensure good performance during Winter. To bring your car into our workshop for a full servicing, or to discuss your particular needs with one of our experts, call us on 01885 488 488 or email