Selous to Mikumi

Breakfast on the move

we were given the first flight with the mechanics so that they could get going on Sol to hopefully problem solve before setting off at standard time 13.00 on our long journey to Mikumi – we weren’t the only ones with problems…

After adjusting the clutch and fitting a fan and even finding other problems which were solved with a pair of Jeremy’s pants (!) we set of at the much later time of 15.00. No sooner had we gone round the corner than Sol started making all the wrong noises, so back we turned. As we drove back in J said that the engine sounds “Pants” so Richard (chief mechanic) said “you had better take your pants off then”. That is what he did. Problem (and a few more such as the choke being stuck on which explained why we were using so much petrol) solved.

A long hot dusty journey down to Mukimi  – more lorries and motorbikes – speed traps round every corner manned by policemen who basically name their price for a cash fine with no receipt – cheered along by the hords of happy people along the roads.

All was going well until just before we reached our time control destination and suddenly the trip meter stopped working ! HELP ! Jeremy pointed to the speedometer which was also out and said that he thought that the cable had probably snapped. This was disastrous for me as navigator. We found the hotel anyway as it was guessable from the last section of the rout book and got signed off. We were split into hotels tonight and I have to say when we were shown to our grotty noisy one on the main road – after all the problems we were having with the car and the really enduring journey it had taken to get there I was close to sense of humour failure.

It’s all part of Rallying (apparently!) and I talked myself into keeping my spirits up. J had a look at the cable, saw that it had snapped, so there was nothing we could do about it and we got in a landrover to go back to the other hotel for a BBQ with some local entertainment – not such a bad ending after all and ….tomorrow is another day……