Make the most of your classic car while the sun is shining!

We Brits know that the weather can be notoriously unpredictable. One moment, the Beast From The East is causing a national freeze, the next it’s 25 degrees and we’re digging out last year’s leftover sunblock.

So when we do get to enjoy a spot of fortunate weather, it’s important we make the most of it by bringing our classic motors out of their winter hibernation. After all, there really is no greater feeling than driving down beautiful country lanes with the top down on a warm Summer’s day.

Here’s what you can do to enjoy your classic car throughout the remainder of Spring and into the Summer months.

1. Give your classic motor a spring clean

This is the perfect time of year to really show off your classic car, especially if you’re scheduled to attend a classic motoring event sometime over the coming weeks. That’s why we recommend using the Autoglym Full Bodyworks and Wheels kit. This fantastic collection of cleaning products includes instant tyre dressing, shampoo conditioner, super resin polish, extra gloss protection, alloy wheel seal and clean wheels wash. Over the last few months of rain, wind and unprecedented levels of snow, your car will need a thorough wash down using the Autoglym shampoo conditioner to remove unwanted grime. You’ll also need to clear any grit and dirt from the wheels using the clean wheels wash. After the wheels have dried, you can use the alloy wheel seal to spray the rim of the wheels, although you must be careful not to spray through wheels onto brake discs or calipers. Once applied, buff the surface with dry cotton cloth and finish with the instant tyre dressing for a beautiful shine. Back to the car’s body, once the shampoo conditioner has dried, you’ll be able to apply the polish and extra gloss protection, giving your motor a spectacular shine while guarding it from common Summer hazards.

2. Treat your classic motor to a splash of paint

If you think your classic car’s chassis is looking a little dull, you might want to consider treating it to a lick of paint in time for the summer months. This can bring any classic vehicle back to life and give you an added sense of pride if you’re attending classic car shows or similar motoring events. POR-15 make a number of suitable paints, all of which have anti-rust properties to keep your car in better shape for the long haul. If you’d like to try out this paint before committing to it, you can purchase the POR-15 Super Starter Kit which includes metal prep, rust prevention coating and a cleaner degreaser, as well as latex gloves and two wooden handle paint brushes. Remember that cleaning your car is critical before applying paint so that fibres and bugs aren’t trapped beneath the paintwork, as this can create an uneven coating.

3. Take your car to an event

Throughout the rest of April and into May, classic car and motorcycle events are found in abundance across the country and beyond. At Holden Vintage & Classic, not only do we list our favourite events each month on our blog, but attend many of these ourselves! If you’ve seen an event that’s caught your eye and are thinking of entering as a participants, we are more than willing to talk to you about the best ways you can prep your car beforehand. Alternatively, you can bring your car into our Service and Restoration Bay for a full check-up.

And while you’re here….

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The Clevedon Lions Classic Car Show Review

Hundreds of classic motors gathered today for a sunny afternoon by the sea in the picturesque town of Clevedon, North Somerset. Organised by the Clevedon Lions in aid of various local charities, the event (which has been taking place annually for 9 years) started at 10.00am at Cadbury Garden Centre, Congresbury, followed by a 28 mile countryside drive that concluded at the Salt House Fields where spectators got up close and personal with the cars.

A particular highlight of the show was Duncan White’s Austin Healey 1006 BN4 (pictured below). Having owned the motor for 13 years, Duncan rebuilt the back half of the car while managing to retain its original appeal. It features disc brakes all around, a 2.6 litre engine and has overdrive in 3rd and top gears. It is also rumoured to be one of the run of 100 standard road cars with discs all round that was needed for the race and rally cars to be homologated as standard production. Duncan attends the car show annually, while also partaking in numerous local rallies.

Another highlight included Peter Osbourne’s 1962 Mercury Monterey S55. A beast of a car, this left hand drive automatic (pictured below) was originally painted beige! It has a 5.8 litre engine and was certainly a big hit amongst spectators.

Ken Todd’s Ford F100 was also a focal point of the day. His enormous bonnet was raised to display some interesting Jack Daniels features within, explaining that his kids’ escapades with the drink inspired him to incorporate it into the design of his car during restoration. The car had recently undergone an entire restoration from the inside out and it has been finished to an extremely professional standard.

Pat Leech arrived in his gorgeous Buick 6 (pictured below), a 3.3 litre engined classic car that spent most of its life in Australia and New Zealand before arriving in the U.K just over 6 years ago. Minor modifications have been made to the car including within the petrol pump, air filter and indicators but otherwise it remains pretty much in its original state. The foot controls are standard except for the brake which is on the right hand side, and an extra rear light has been fitted as it only came with one. Pat has taken the car to numerous rallies, including ones in Belgium and France.

Last but not least, we wanted to show you Richard Clark’s BMW Isetta (below). With only two seats compacted in a very tight space, this amazing little car actually requires the driver to climb out of the front of the car in order to exit! It features a 300cc engine with 13 horsepower and has been fully restored from the inside out.

So, if you’re looking for something to do next year, head over to North Somerset and get in on the action!