Winter Driving In Your Classic Car

A couple of weeks ago, we talked to you about storing your classic car throughout the winter and the importance of doing so.
But many of you will, perhaps just occasionally, still want to drive your vehicle in the frostier months. The problem is, winter winds, damp air and salt-coated icy roads aren’t the kindest of environments and the last thing you need is a hefty servicing bill in the spring. Here’s a list of essential products we recommend you stock up on before temperatures plummet:

The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym

A thorough ice-removal is recommended before and after a frosty drive. Ice is a threat to every aspect of your classic vehicle, from the engine transmission to the steering system. The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym features a powerful de-icer, a screen wash, ice scraper and de misting microfibre cloth for windows. At only £16.73 it’s a bargain, especially when compared to the cost of repairing damages caused by melted ice.

Outdoor Car Cover

If you don’t own a garage, then it’s critical you own a robust, effective outdoor car cover that will protect your pride and joy from the elements in between drives. This particular brand features 4 air vents to allow proper circulation, as well as two under-car security straps so that it won’t blow away during a mild British hurricane.

Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol

Where there’s water, there’s the risk of rust. And that’s never, ever welcome! Rust reeks havoc on your classic car’s body, electrical systems, engine and undercarriage. If unaddressed, your classic vehicle will eventually cease to be safe (or possible) to drive. Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol is a weather resistant spray that solves the problem of ‘hidden rust’. It draws moisture out of the vehicle, and seals the vulnerable areas to prevent against the reintroduction of water.

Castrol Classic Engine Oil

Using the correct engine oil is critical in maintaining a healthy engine, and modern oils can be particularly corrosive and problematic in older cars. During the winter, the use of Castrol Classic Engine Oil prevents the production of ‘cold weather oil sludge’, guaranteeing a smoother drive and happier vehicle. Change your oil before the cooler seasons, and again in spring time for the best result.

Classic Vehicle Safety Kit

According to the RAC, the majority of breakdowns happen during the winter. Imagine sudden engine failure on a low visibility Sunday afternoon in the middle of a freezing cold country road! It’s sensible to carry with you a classic vehicle safety kit to make yourself known to other drivers, and to tend to any other emergency issues you’ve encountered during the incident. This kit offers all the essentials, including a first aid box, tow sign, high resolution jacket and fire extinguisher, and will fit neatly into your boot or passenger seat.

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